Sex Education

"Enthusiasm is the first step. Artfulness comes later."

Scott Lynch

Traditional Sex Education

Traditional Sexual Education, if one receives any at all, covers basic biology, STIs and contraception. While these are all important topics to understand before engaging with another sexually, there seems to be a wealth of information missing about how you go about sexual interactions and sexual relationships. Information most learn ad hoc from media, pornography and guess work. This hodgepodge learning experience can leave many adults with sparse and, more often than not, inadequate knowledge of how to go about initiating and having sexual relations with others. This is where I cum in... sorry, couldn't help myself, and offer a hands on Sexual Education!


My Sex Education


Sex Ed, with me, is a rather hands on experience.

My sessions are tailored to you and I am happy to take the lead or follow a Question & Answer Format as I happily go through the motions in a constructive and informative way which will help educate you about what you really want to and need to know.

Our time together can involve education, and/or examples of:

❀︎ Communication & Consent

❀︎ Flirting

❀︎ Asking Someone Out

❀︎ Dates & Dating

❀︎ Compliments

❀︎ Affection & Attention

❀︎ Pacing of a Sexual Interaction

❀︎ Reading Body Language

❀︎ Making Contact

❀︎ Touching

❀︎ Hugging & Cuddling

❀︎ Kissing

❀︎ Groping

❀︎ Positioning of you and your partners bodies

❀︎ Undressing

❀︎ How to ask for things in the bedroom

❀︎ Female biology lesson

❀︎ Mutual Masturbation

❀︎ Fingering

❀︎ Cunnilingus

❀︎ The G-Spot

❀︎ Orgasms

❀︎ Other Sexual Play

❀︎ Fetishes

❀︎ Watching porn in the bedroom

❀︎ Cuddling & Communicating after the fact

❀︎ Sleeping Together

❀︎ The Morning After

❀︎ Relationships

Please note these sessions are information and instructional only. They do not involve me performing sexual acts on you such as oral or vaginal sex. These activities can be included in my GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. COMBINATION services are always possible! Just let me know when you CONTACT me!

Who is welcome for Sex Ed?

Anyone of the age on consent can attend my Sex Ed Sessions. Age, gender, experience is not a factor, see INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONS. However my Sex Ed sessions most often appeal to:

❀︎ Young Adults

❀︎ Virgins

❀︎ Sexually Uneducated

❀︎ Sexually Inexperienced

❀︎ Sexually Anxious

❀︎ Persons with Sexual Dysfunction/s

❀︎ Persons recommended by a Sexual Therapist


Why do I offer Sex Ed?


Sex Ed sessions are some of my favourite sessions! I really get to know people, understand them and see what they want, need and ultimately get to educate and help them. Sometimes I change my clients entire outlook or the path of their lives. Most of my Sex Ed clients I only ever see once or a few times, and often months later I receive texts or emails saying they have started dating or have a girlfriend and thank me for my help.

Knowledge is power.

If you aren't confident enough to initiate a conversation or a date or a kiss with someone, you can't move forward and experience the joys of being with someone, learning about your body and about others. It's a lovely thing to share yourself with someone and I am happiest knowing I have made a change to people's lives so they can be the person they want to be.

πŸ’› Consider me the real life hooker with a heart of gold! πŸ’›

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🎨 Combinations 🎨

I love offering bespoke sessions t suit your desires… I’m happy to mix and match my services pending your request. Just mention it when you CONTACT me to enquire or request a booking!

🚫 Exclusions 🚫

While I offer a range of services, I cannot offer everything. So please be sure to read about my exclusions before enquiring or making a booking, it will save us both a lot of time!

✨ Experiences ✨

Be sure to read up about all the experiences I offer to make sure we include everything your heart desires, and have the best possible time together!


Melbourne Incalls have access to my Private Fetish Room at no additional charge! Take a look, if you dare!

♻️ Inclusions ♻️

I endeavour to offer an inclusive service to all adults wanting to see me. Feel free to read at your leisure.


I have a range of sexy outfits for those into cosplay & role play, or who merely admire the aesthetics of a certain look.


I have a range of sex toys to spice up our time together!

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn πŸ’‹