Fetish Experience

β€œVanilla is fine but Kink is so much better...” Annie Edmonds

I first noticed I was interested in fetishes when my favourite movie as a 5 year old was The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Seeing Tim Curry in lingerie did things to me!... As a teenager I fantasied about combinations of sexual activities which I certainly knew my friends were not thinking about! When I became an adult and was intimate with my first boyfriend, I soon realised I was not alone in my deviance's. I am lucky enough to have had several partners who I have practiced a wide variety of fetishes with in my young life. I was lucky to have my sexuality and fetishes accepted by many, and I have been able to sexually thrive as a result. 

Since becoming a sex worker I have been able to share my skills and interests in fetish with clients from all walks of life and experience levels, from first timers to those with over half a century of debauchery behind them. I am proud to be part of the international fetish community, and happy to provide a safe environment where others can explore these parts of themselves they may otherwise hide from people. I understand that fetishes are not only a wondrous thing, but enhance ones sexual experience. 

My Philosophy

My philosophy when it comes to sex work and fetishes is the same as the rest of the life:

All behaviour is acceptable unless it hurts or violates other rights, unless those people are legally able to consent.

Evelyn's Fetish Experience

I offer a genuine Fetish Experience for my clients to indulge in. I truly believe that fetish play is completely normal sexual behaviour. I do not guilt or shame my clients for their sexual predilections. I do not offer any fetish service I am not comfortable with performing. In fact I only offer fetishes that I find arousing! Please visit my REVIEWS page to hear what other clients have said!

My Fetish Experience can include any of the following activities. This list is by no means inclusive! Let me know your kink and I'll see what I can do to accommodate you! But please check my Exclusions List below first!


πŸ‘« BOTH Β· On us BOTH

Fetish Activities

Anal / Pegging

❀︎ Fingering πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Fisting πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Pegging/Strap On πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Prostate Vibrator πŸ‘¨



Animal Play

❀︎ NOT BEASTIALITY - That is illegal and immoral. Any suggestion of, or request for, such acts will be reported to the Police and listed publicly on my BLACKLIST.

❀︎ Animal Play is defined as "Acting" like an animal.

❀︎ The "animal" can be Sub or Dom πŸ‘«

❀︎ Light Animal Play β™‘ Taking commands, acting like an animal by imitating the animals sounds, crawling around on all fours, being hand fed, petted, or wearing a collar. πŸ‘«

❀︎ Heavy Animal Play β™‘ Wear masks/prosthetics/costume to look like an animal, eat/drink from food/water bowls, use litter box or go to the bathroom outside. πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Puppy Play β™‘ Sub is treated like a loved puppy, can incl. disacpline/reward training πŸ‘«

❀︎ Pony Play β™‘ Sub is trained to walk and canter, saddle placed on back for riding πŸ‘¨



I'm a Switch! Available for Domination or Submission!

❀︎ Bondage

β™‘ Light Bondage Β· Safety Handcuffs πŸ‘«

β™‘ Heavy Bondage Β· Velcro Cuffs, Silk Ropes or Bondage Tape πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Discipline & Reward

β™‘ Light Discipline & Reward πŸ‘«

β™‘ Heavy Discipline & Reward πŸ‘¨

β™‘ Discipline & Rewards will be determined on an individual basis

❀︎ Dominance & Submission

β™‘ Light BDSM Β· Domination & Submission πŸ‘«

β™‘ Heavy BDSM Β· Domination πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Sadism & Masochism

β™‘ Light S&M πŸ‘«

β™‘ Heavy S&M πŸ‘¨

β™‘ See Pain Play below



❀︎ Verbal Humiliation πŸ‘«

β™‘ Belittlement Β· Boy, girl, pet, sissy, slave, missy etc.

β™‘ Degrading names Β· Slut, shit, bitch, cunt, whore etc.

β™‘ Disparaging or cruel references about:

Body parts Β· Breasts, buttocks, facial appearance, genitalia, smell etc.

Behaviours Β· Ability to arouse, hygiene etc.

β™‘ Forced Flattery Β· Agreeing the Dom is always correct, justifiable, wise. Complimenting Doms physical, mental and personality traits.

β™‘ Insults & abuse Β· Dirt, disgusting, dumb, fat, scum, short, sick, stupid, ugly, worthless etc.

β™‘ Permission Asking (for normal activities like eating, drinking, using the toilet)

β™‘ Racial & Ethnic Slurs

β™‘ Scolding Β· As with children, mild threats, glaring, being told they are bad/naughty

20140817_1087 (1024x683).jpg

❀︎ Physical Humiliation πŸ‘¨

β™‘ Body Fluids Β· Vaginal juices/spitting/urinating on your body (Urinating or "Golden Shower" +$100 AUD)

β™‘ Erotic Sexual Denial Β· Hand jobs, Masturbating, Oral, Orgasming

β™‘ Fat Fetishism Β· Making quickly eat high calorie foods and feel grossly overweight

β™‘ Forced Anal Penetration Β· Fingering. Prostate Vibrator or Strap On.

β™‘ Objectification Β· Using you as human furniture or dildo

β™‘ Servitude Β· You do as I command


Impact Play πŸ‘«

❀︎ The Dom strikes the sub by:

β™‘ Impacting the sub with their own body parts.

β™‘ Single tailing with toys.

β™‘ Flogging with toys.


Femdom πŸ‘¨

❀︎ I dominate you!

β™‘ Light Femdom Β· Playful attitude. You are my plaything.

β™‘ Heavy Femdom Β· Mistress attitude. You are beneath me.

β™‘ Other activities can include Anal/Pegging, Bondage, Humiliation, Pain Play, Trampling and/or Water Sports based on your desires.


Foot Fetish πŸ’‹

❀︎ Washing, Moisturising, Massaging, Kissing, Licking my Feet/Heel, Footjob (ON ME ONLY - You worship my feet)

❀︎ My feet are a slender Size 9 (AU/US) or 40 (EUR). My skin is white, smooth and soft. My feet do not smell offensive or strongly.

❀︎ Nails can be natural or coated with clear or coloured nail polish upon request, pending colour availability/time.


Forced Bi or Forced Gay πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Male Clients β™‘ Make an MMF booking with a male escort and myself; I force you on the male escort, or him on you.

❀︎ Female Clients β™‘ Make an individual booking with me; I force you on me or force myself on you. OR You can make a "Devil's Threesome" (FFF) booking with another female escort and myself; I force you on the female escort, her on you, you on me and/or me on you.

❀︎ Other Gendered Clients β™‘ Make an individual booking with me; I force you on me or force myself on you. Depending on your preference, we make a booking with another escort of your choosing, and I force you on them, them on you, you on me and/or me on you.

❀︎ See COUPLES & THREESOMES and EVELYN & ERIK for more details. Couples rates apply.


Medical Play

❀︎ Catheter (BYO) πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Physical Examination with or without TOYS πŸ‘«

❀︎ Temperature Taking

β™‘ Thermometer in Mouth πŸ‘«

β™‘ Thermometer in Anus πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Urethral Sounding β™‘ Inserting urethral sounds up inside your urethra πŸ‘¨


Pain Play

❀︎ Light S&M

β™‘ Biting, Clamping w/Vibration, Flicking, Light Scratching, Pinching, Play Cutting w/Wartenberg Wheel, Slapping, Spanking (WITHOUT MARKS) πŸ‘«

❀︎ Heavy S&M

β™‘ Caning, Clawing, Cropping, Crushing, Flicking, Flogging, Hard Scratching, Hitting, Kicking, Lashing, Paddling, Punching, Trampling, Twisting, Whipping  (MAY LEAVE MARKS) πŸ‘¨


Rimming πŸ’‹

❀︎ AKA Analingus or Asian Sex.

❀︎ Rimming involves using the mouth, lips and tongue to stimulate the anus of another. Despite a thorough cleaning, my anus will retain microscopic faecal particles, these are naturally full of bad bacteria our body excretes. There is little to no danger of these bacteria causing an infection to a client, least they have a cut in or around their mouth.

❀︎ If a client does have a cut in or around their mouth I will not allow rimming, kissing or for them to perform oral sex on me for health and safety reasons. 

❀︎ After clients perform rimming on me, they are not allowed to perform oral sex on me or kiss me for the remainder of the session. As such I suggest it be performed nearer the end of a session, least it be the only act you wish to perform.


imageedit_3_5740851227 (2).jpg

Role Play πŸ‘«

❀︎ What is your fantasy? Role play is great way to explore your fantasies. I provide a safe and non judgemental space for my clients to explore and indulge in their wildest fantasies. Role play is only limited by your imagination. Let me know what you desire!

❀︎ Most popular Role Plays

β™‘ Sexy Secretary & Boss

β™‘ Sexy CEO & Employee

β™‘ School Girl & Teacher or Headmaster

β™‘ French Maid & Employer

β™‘ Nurse & Patient

β™‘ Step Parent & Step Child

β™‘ Step Sister & Step Brother

❀︎ Outfits are a great way to immerse in role play! I have a number available in Sydney and on Tour. See my OUTFITS page and mention it when you request a booking!


Sissification / Feminization πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Domestic Duties

❀︎ Pinaforing/Petticoating β™‘ Dressing Up in Girl's/Women's undergarments/clothes/heels

❀︎ Dolling Up β™‘ Applying makeup

❀︎ Respect & Worship β™‘ Of all things feminine

❀︎ Erotic Humiliation β™‘ Including verbal and physical

❀︎ Sessions are tailored for your desires and can include any of the above. Please be specific when you enquire and make a booking.


Water Sports πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Golden Showers β™‘ The act of urinating on one's sex partner for pleasure

β™‘ Additional rates apply to Water Sports (+$100 AUD) and require a deposit.

β™‘ Requests for water sports must be made at least 2 hours prior to our session to allow me to hydrate adequately.

❀︎ Where do you perform water sports... in the house?

β™‘ Incalls Β· In the bathtub or shower only. This is for easy of cleaning and cleanliness purposes.

β™‘ Outcalls Β· Anywhere you'd like me to do them!

❀︎ Where do you perform water sports... on the body?

β™‘ I am happy to perform water sports for you on any part of your body. The most common requests are for the chest, genitals and into my clients mouth. Don't be shy to ask where you'd like to experience your fetish!


Other Fetishes


❀︎ Abrasion/Sensation Play β™‘ Feathers, silk, latex, leather πŸ‘«

❀︎ Adult Baby β™‘ Bottle Feeding, Breast Suckling, Diaper Wearing, Holding You, Playing Baby Games, Singing Lullabies. You are my baby πŸ‘¨ 

❀︎ Amazon Woman/Strong Woman β™‘ Can lift <80kgs. I'm tall, strong, but feminine πŸ’‹

❀︎ ATM/Dirty Sanchez β™‘ Ass to Mouth. My finger or strap on comes out of your anus and into your mouth πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Ball Busting β™‘ Impact Play on your balls including kicking πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Body Worship πŸ‘«

❀︎ Breathing/Breath Play πŸ‘¨

❀︎ COB β™‘ Cum on Body πŸ’‹

❀︎ CBT β™‘ Cock & Ball Torture Β· Hand Torture, Clamps, Vibrating, Electric Play, Temperature Play, Sensation Play, Impact Play. πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Cosplay/Outfits β™‘ See OUTFITS πŸ’‹

❀︎ Cross Dressing πŸ‘«

❀︎ Cuckhold β™‘ See EVELYN & ERIK

❀︎ Cuckquean β™‘ See EVELYN & ERIK

❀︎ Dick Shaming πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Dirty Talk πŸ‘«

❀︎ DILF Play β™‘ You play the Daddy πŸ’‹

❀︎ Edging πŸ‘«

❀︎ Electric Play β™‘ Sensation play from my Electro Erotic Neon Wand πŸ‘«

❀︎ Face Sitting β™‘ I sit on your face OR You sit on my face whilst kneeling πŸ‘«

❀︎ Fisting β™‘ Anal Fisting for Men, Vaginal/Anal Fisting for Women πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Foodplay/Sploshing/WAM β™‘ Wet and Messy. Inquire with me. Additional rates apply if I supply foods. πŸ‘«

❀︎ Hair Removal β™‘ Intimate removeal of body and public hair by shaving, waxing and/or depilation. Bring own supplies or request I purchase them before hand. Purchases cost extra and will require a deposit. πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Hypnosis β™‘ Erotic Hypnosis is used to reduce a clients inhibitions while increasing arousalπŸ‘«

❀︎ Italian Sex/Hotdogging β™‘ The penis is placed between the butt cheeks and rubbed. A non penetrative act, requires lubrication. πŸ’‹

❀︎ Licking β™‘ Bodies can be licked all over. I reserve the right to lick my clients based on how they taste. πŸ‘«

❀︎ MILF Play β™‘ I play your Mummy (ME ONLY - I am your MILF)

❀︎ Pearl Necklace β™‘ You finish all around my neck and breasts πŸ’‹

❀︎ Play Fighting/Sparring/Wrestling β™‘ Trained in Taekwondo πŸ‘«

❀︎ Queening πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Sensory Deprivation β™‘ Blindfolding, Ear Plugs w/White Noise, Nose Plugs, Mummification πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Spanish/Russian Sex β™‘ Titty Fucking. My Natural D Cups allow pleasure for every Breast Man πŸ’‹

❀︎ Spitting πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Temperature Play β™‘ Ice or Wax πŸ‘«

❀︎ Threesomes β™‘ See COUPLES & THREESOMES and EVELYN & ERIK

❀︎ Tie & Tease β™‘ The sub is tied down, blindfolded and teased πŸ‘«

❀︎ Tickle Play πŸ‘«

❀︎ Toys on YOU β™‘ See TOYS

❀︎ Toys on ME β™‘ See TOYS

❀︎ Trampling β™‘ You lay down and I walk on your front or back either bare feet, in flats or heels. πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Voyeurism β™‘ A third party watches us OR You watch me with a third party. If booking a second escort, additional rates apply. πŸ‘«

❀︎ Wrestling/Sparring/Fight Play β™‘ Mild to Moderate play fighting with clients up to 80kg. Mild play fighting with clients over 80kg. I am adept with several common hold positions. I am happy to try anything within my capability, please discuss with me beforehand, pictures and videos as explanation are always more helpful. πŸ‘«




❀︎ BDSM etiquette is followed at all times by both myself and my client/s.

❀︎ There is never any real danger to myself or to my client/s.

❀︎ I observe and follow all personal boundaries set by my client, and ask them to do the same.

❀︎ Fetish Play, and specifically BDSM, are acts involving mutual respect. Pushing or ignoring my boundaries is cause for me to immediately end the session without a refund. As such I retain the right to refuse service of any fetish act before it is performed or once it has commenced. Remember, I am a person, not a dancing monkey.



❀︎ I do not have a dungeon, only a bedroom.

❀︎ For now I operate out of a bedroom at my a rented apartment or hotel room when touring. In the future I plan to buy a home in where I will have a fully equipped dungeon!


Safe Words & Actions

❀︎ Words

β™‘ I use the "Traffic Light" safe word system. GREEN = Ok/Harder/More, ORANGE = Slow down/Stop the activity without breaking character, RED = Stop the activity and the scene.

β™‘ I use a "Pain Scale" system when practicing pain play and impact play. The Scale is 0-10; 0 like a light breeze, 10 is the most amount of pain you wish to feel. Many clients like to sit between 6-9, but I guage a pain scale for all new and existing clients as everyone experiences their bodies differently and this can vary over time. 

❀︎ Actions

β™‘ If my mouth or my clients is otherwise predisposed, I use a safety tap system whereby the submissive taps the upper arm or upper thigh of the dominant to signal them to stop.


Sexual Relief 

❀︎ Full Service, Hand Relief & Oral (Protected) are included in all Fetish Experiences if desired. Please let me know your preference!

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I offer some additions including Natural Oral, CIM (Cum in Mouth), STI Tests, Early & Late Bookings, and Water Sports!

🎨 Combinations 🎨

I love offering bespoke sessions t suit your desires… I’m happy to mix and match my services pending your request. Just mention it when you CONTACT me to enquire or request a booking!

🚫 Exclusions 🚫

While I offer a range of services, I cannot offer everything. So please be sure to read about my exclusions before enquiring or making a booking, it will save us both a lot of time!

✨ Experiences ✨

Be sure to read up about all the experiences I offer to make sure we include everything your heart desires, and have the best possible time together!


Melbourne Incalls have access to my Private Fetish Room at no additional charge! Take a look, if you dare!

♻️ Inclusions ♻️

I endeavour to offer an inclusive service to all adults wanting to see me. Feel free to read at your leisure.


I have a range of sexy outfits for those into cosplay & role play, or who merely admire the aesthetics of a certain look.


I have a range of sex toys to spice up our time together!

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn πŸ’‹