"Five Gold Stars!... That was the most intense thing, ever!"

Male - 33 - After his first successful edging experience


About My Reviews

Independent Reviews

These are reviews written by clients after they have had the pleasure of experiencing a booking with me.

I have included the first sentence of their review linked their blurb to the full review!

Written Reviews

These are reviews written by clients after they have had the pleasure of experiencing a booking with me.

They have been messaged or emailed to me and I have posted them below with minor alterations in grammar and punctuation.

Verbal Reviews

These are verbal feedback from my clients during or after 

they have had the pleasure of experiencing a booking with me. 

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Independent Reviews

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“Over 30 years, I have seen a wide range of working ladies across Australia… Evelyn rates right up there with the best.”

Scarlet Blue · David · 30 April 2019

“I have had some amazing phone sessions… her imagination is creative and naughty!”

Scarlet Blue · Toni · 15 April 2019

“I… enjoyed being her slave while she used some of her toys on me… I'd definitely see her again! ”

Scarlet Blue · AG · 7 April 2019

“A true joy to meet! I wanted someone genuine and beautiful and Evelyn more than delivered.”

Scarlet Blue · kraMer · 25 March 2019

“You are not only gorgeous but such an amazing person & 100% genuine.”

Scarlet Blue · Eric · 9 February 2019

“It makes all the difference when you meet a sex worker who really enjoys what they do… It was fun, it was sincere, and it was all too brief.”

Scarlet Blue · J · 28 October 2018

“A truly soul-restoring experience you'll have with the lovely Evelyn.”

Scarlet Blue · ZD · 21 September 2018

"Evelyn aims to please you in every way and make you feel comfortable, which I certainly felt as I was initially quite awkward!"

Scarlet Blue · John · 18 March 2018


"This girl is super smart. And I find smart people sexy. The breadth of her knowledge on various topics is among the best I found in all my P4P encounters so far."

Tokyo Adult Guide · Frenchy · 2 July 2017


"Had an unexpected encounter with this gifted and amazing woman."

Scarlet Blue · Jack T · 23 March 2017


"I first decided to see the lovely Evelyn after visiting her home page and I was impressed about the variety of services she offered."

Scarlet Blue · Dennis · 14 March 2017


"I had great personal experience sharing time with Evelyn."

Scarlet Blue · Godard · 28 December 2016


"When a girl melts your heart, and you're smitten from the start - That's Amoure."

Scarlet Blue · ZD · 16 December 2016


"I had the pleasure of meeting the most wonderful lady tonight."

Scarlet Blue · Brian · 20 November 2016


"I had decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to tick of one of the things on my bucket list &

have the intimate company of a truly beautiful woman."

Scarlet Blue · HD · 31 July 2016


"The deepest and most passionate GFE one could imagine - with Evelyn the client is 100% of the focus."

Scarlet Blue · Jack LS · 31 May 2016


"A kinky seductress with an intellectual open mind, Evelyn’s quirky good nature had me fascinated and at ease within moments of meeting her."

Punter Planet · The Liddle Fella · 29 May 2016

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Written Reviews


"Thank you for our time together, and for the charming conversation!" Male - 49


"Thanks for a really nice time. You're really nice and cute. I'm glad we got to spend time hanging out." Male - 39


"Smart, classy and beautiful. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. An absolute pleasure to spend time with!" Male - 30


Dinner Date

"Evelyn is a renaissance beauty! A lovely, sexy, intelligent, funny, gorgeous and understanding woman. She has the luscious body of a Botticelli, with all the explosive charm of an Andy Warhol. Evelyn exudes sensuality with every breath. Evelyn's calm and professional demeanour settled my anxieties over meeting an Escort for the first time. Throughout our lovely and sumptuous dinner Evelyn warmed my cockles with her attentive and diverse table conversation, and kept my hands and knees warm with her seductive and affectionate gestures. Dessert was intense and luscious! For the first time in my life, Evelyn showed me what it is to have a truly generous and giving lover wrapped in my arms. Evelyn is an original! If you enjoy a classic, devilish and seductive experience with food, great conversation and, of course, sharing the after dinner mint, you cannot go wrong with this sultry beauty! I'll be back for more bliss!" Male - 49

Girl Friend Experience

"I extend my warmest welcome, and you to Singapore,

We met here for the first time, on this lovely shore.

You truly are the pretty lady on your website,

What an exhilarating Sunday night."

Male - 50


"You are even prettier in person!" Male - 34


"Evelyn, you're a true outback whore!" Male - 50


"Thank you gorgeous Evie for a wonderful time!" Male - 43


"I've never been with a sex worker before, but I couldn't resist seeing you!" Male - 29


"An immensely enjoyable time. Pictures don't do Evie justice, she is simply amazing!" Male - 34

"Smart, fun & thoughtful. I had a great session and am looking forward to our next meeting!" Male - 43


"I found Evelyn to be an incredibly sensual and statuesque lady. Beautifully spoken with great taste in lingerie! Well worth an interlude!" Male - 60


"Words can't begin to describe my experience! Evelyn is not only sensual & skilled, but a real Australian beauty! The evening was a perfect 10/10!" Male - 38


"Evelyn is amazing, lovely, intellectually attuned and a wonderfully sexual women. Also quite the conversationalist; I enjoyed our conversation very much, it was refreshing. Her linguistic skills complimented our hot sizzling sexy moments.I hope to, and am looking forward to, seeing here again in the near future!"

Male - 31


"I recently met the gorgeous Evelyn for the first time. She made me feel immediately at ease. Instantly I felt like we had known each other for years. Evelyn is truly passionate and genuinely enjoys what she does. By far the number one escort I have ever seen. There is only one escort I will want to see again!!!! Thank you Evelyn."

Male - 43


"Evie is a very intelligent person and knowledgeable about sex, sexuality and pleasure. You will understand when you meat her; she is a sex guru. A good conversationalist who gives a great girlfriend experience with warm interlocking cuddles. She is very helpful, accommodative and willing to share her body, mind and heart with others. You can be assured a safe, yet super fun experience."

Male - 26 - GFE & Sexual Education Session with instruction in female anatomy and pleasure



"A female friend and I had the pleasure of experiencing a couples session with Evelyn, which both of us agree was incredible. She's sexy, intelligent and fantastic at what she does. Our session involved fetish play with a lot of improvisation that Evelyn was able to facilitate with ease. Her theoretical knowledge and practical experience with the psychological side of BDSM allowed her to construct a unique scene with us in which Evelyn performed hypnosis on me using her bare feet as a focus and integrated this with erotic play between my female friend and I. This was one of the most arousing experiences of my life. We highly recommend Evelyn and have no doubt that she will make others feel as good as we did after our session!"
Male - 28

Erotic Message

"To me, you were perfect!" Male - 50


"I enjoyed every second!" Male - 22


"The water seduction massage was crazy good! I've never experienced anything like it! I will be back!" Male - 31


"I had a great time! You have a beautiful personality!

A true highlight of my New Years party week!" Male - 43

"Evie's massage is relaxed and provides great relief for a tired old man, coupled by a sensual and friendly service! Thank you Evelyn, I feel great!"

Male - 53


Fetish Experience


"An unbeatable experience!"

Male - 54 - Dominance, Humiliation & Animal Play


"Trust me, this was by far my best experience ever!"

Male - 41 - Bondage & Role Play


"I've never been picked up before and kissed passionately while in a women's arms. It was hot!" 

Male - 35 (75kg) - Strong Women


"Her pictures don't capture the real beauty of Evie!... And then there are her skills, and they just take it to the next level of enjoyment!"

Male - 30 - Role Play & Impact Play


"I loved our sessions! It was the most painful I have ever experienced, and yet my erection was steady. I'm not sure why it wants to impregnate cruel, beautiful women. I think the little guy has a mind of his own when it comes to whips, spurs and the female body in latex."

Male - 33 - Dominance, Pain & Impact Play


"Evelyn's personality is really warm and friendly; that really helped easing into the session proper. Every demand that I had was completely met, and I was totally satisfied with my feelings of domination. The session really displayed her experience and professionalism and I will definitely see her again!"

Male - 28 - Femdom with Anal, Ball Busting, Breath Play by Smothering, Forced Hand Relief, Wrestling


"Thank you, I had an amazing time! I really enjoyed your style of domination. There is no doubt in my mind now who is stronger and dominant between us. Above all you are a great human being, and you certainly know how to put somebody at ease in your company. I will definitely be seeing you again. I wish I can do so every week!"

Male - 38 - Femdom, Role Play, Wrestling, Face Sitting, Anal Fingering, CBT & Post Orgasm Torture


"Mistress Evelyn was amazing during our wrestling session! And she is a really nice person. I really enjoyed being able to fight a girl like an equal, and I even learnt a few things about Taekwondo. I was so excited I came as she picked me up, held me against the wall and stroked my shaft... I'm looking forward to our next session for sure!"

Male - 27 (83kg) - Wrestingling/Sparring


"Evelyn was so open and engaging when we first met. She tailored our session to meet my specific needs and wants. The session itself took me on a roller coaster of emotions and experiences and left me feeling totally fulfilled. I can't wait to experience more and will be back at the next available opportunity. Evelyn, thanks for an awesome BDSM experience!"

Male - 50 - Sensation, Impact & Pain Play, Breath Play & Sensory Deprivation


"Mistress Evelyn is the ultimate Goddess of Love! The celestial avatar of sex! A real tigress in the bedroom! An exhilarating and liberating experience. Thank you for opening up a new world of fetish, kink and passionate love to me. This was the uninhibited rendezvous I've always dreamed of. Those deep kisses, soft lips and thoughts of her "honey" make me go crazy! The best I've ever tasted. Sadly God doesn't make many like you."

Male - 40 - Anal/Pegging, Dominance


"I had a great experience with Evelyn. I tried pegging for the first time.... and loved it. She walked me through everything and knew exactly what she was doing. I can't believe I actually tried this, but she made me feel very at ease and let me know it was very normal for men to be aroused by anal stimulation. After the ... experimentation... we had sex, twice! It was great! And between we were wrapped in each others arms enjoying some French kissing. Something I I havn't done in years! Her kissing, her body, her lips... are just beautiful. I can't wait to come back to Sydney! She is top of the pops with me!"

Male - 39 - Anal/Pegging


Misress Evelyn is beautiful, imposing and more stunning than her pictures give her credit. She is confident, but put me at my ease. I was immediately transported to a sensual and submissive state, made to crawl behind her, glancing at her amazing legs as she led me to the sitting room for some light trampling. Erect, I could only gasp as her sharp heel slowly pressed against my shiny briefs. But I I was focused on the tight latex encasing her amazing body. Almost climaxing too soon, she sensed this, and led me back to the bedroom for an amazing hour of Female Domination. Mistress Evelyn is a highly intelligent and empathetic soul, any man would want to worship this Goddess again and again!

Male - 28 - Femdom


"Evelyn is a firecracker!  I loved the full service and fetish combination! Something you can't get, legally, in the USA. Evie has a very pleasant, fun attitude with no hang-ups or negative attitudes about herself, sex or sexual pleasure. I found her very open minded and easy to talk to about my kinky interests, and we got to experiment with a range of fetish play. Once the clothes started to fly it was clear she was enjoying what she is doing; there was no wooden performance here, just waiting for the end, something I've experienced many times with other providers. Throughout our time together I felt as if I were catching up with an old friend, without clothes, while tied up! A wonderful, new experience. If I'm ever in Sydney, I know my first stop!"

Male - 49 - Bondage, Pain & Impact Play

20140817_1017 (1024x683).jpg


From a Clients First Date & Fetish Encounter

"This was my first experience with a Dominatrix and it surpassed all expectations!

I opted for a Make it A Date, starting with a two hour lunch date with Miss Evelyn. Despite having seen her pictures from her website, seeing her in the flesh was so much more alluring. Evelyn wore her hair in a bun atop a business suit and poised glasses on her nose; she was the epitome of sexy professionalism. My first impression was that I was staring into the eyes of a School Teacher across my table.

Throughout the journey and even through lunch, our conversation was light and enjoyable. We talked over different topics and shared many a joke. Throughout our lunch I noticed how most men were constantly sneaking peeks and glances at Evelyn whilst staring at me with envy and disdain. Little did they know she was all mine, and I would soon be all hers.

After lunch we returned to Miss Evelyn's residence where she became my Mistress. I was slightly apprehensive at the start, but Evelyn, being the true professional she is, quickly put me at ease. After confirming certain requests and going over safety words and actions, she proceeded to fulfill my fetish fantasy role play. The entire fantasy played out perfectly, with Evelyn never once breaking character or missing even a minor detail. She drove me to the edge of orgasm and kept me there for the longest time. I have to admit this was a most exciting and frustrating experience. Evelyn continued with my fantasy till it was finally completed and only then did my beautiful Mistress allowed me to cum messily all over myself.

If I had to describe Evelyn in one word it would be "Godsend", for she is a gift to us. A gift that is both precious and rare. If there are any guys, or gals, out there that are hesitant to give Evelyn a try, I have this to say to you: "Do not hesitate further. You will not regret your decision, and I assure you Evelyn will leave you yearning for more."

Thank you Evelyn, the experience is one that I will not soon forget and I'm earnestly looking forward to seeing you again."

Male - 31

From a Clients First Sex Worker Encounter

"I just wanted to say, thank you for tonight! I was incredibly nervous at the start, and at some other points, but I would have never expected an experience where someone is laying on top of you completely naked, whilst talking to you about the do's and don'ts of sexy times to be so not-awkward. Thanks for being such a patient, gentle, and kind person. I could tell you were being so respectful of my boundaries, even though I totally wanted you to push them at times. Nonetheless, you made what I would have ordinarily assumed to be an awkward experience, into an awesome one!

I would have never expected myself to feel comfortable, by any means, standing there in front of you completely naked, but there I was! You made me feel so much more confident in my body, in my desires, and ultimately in myself. It did not take away from any of the loving, caring, sensitive side of me that I've been holding onto. Instead, you made me feel like I could hold onto those qualities while enjoying my body and another’s. The whole experience amplified my feelings by highlighting my desire to please my partner, you.

Just getting a little taste leaves me aching for more! I cannot wait to explore the depths of BDSM and my own personal fantasies within that. Now I have the confidence to do so. Fuck yeah liberation!

I had a lot of doubts going into it, and a few during the session, but absolutely none by the end of it. All those worries I had about whether or not I should be doing it, or what's 'right' or ‘wrong'. I realised those were just the opinions of others, not my own. My own opinion is that I want to be the type of person who values these experiences, not shy’s away from them. It was cool being able to just ask you what feels good and what doesn't. Just asking that made me realise that communication is everything, and that I shouldn't feel shy to ask a girl how she's feeling, because that's my main concern after all.

I also really appreciate the fact that you were so patient and keen to discuss anything I wanted to talk about. That was the first time I had ever voiced my thoughts about bondage and sex, and it felt awesome. Seriously, the whole experience was an eye-opener. I just feel a great sense of confidence and self-awareness in a way that's so refreshing, and brought me back in touch with who I am, my true self. And that's something I've been struggling with. These little epiphanies in life can be incredibly powerful. I felt like I could have just stayed there and talked with you infinitely.

You're a beautiful girl, you're so down-to-earth and easy to be around. You have a beautiful nature about you. It's always so refreshing when you come across someone who's not afraid of who they are, not afraid to express themselves, but so empathetic and willing to help and make you feel comfortable. You did both those things incredibly well and with such effortless easy.

Thanks again, you're amazing!"

Male - 24


Verbal Reviews

"You are a Goddess!" Male - 32


"How can you be legal?" Male - 24


“You’re better than avocado!” Male - 34

"I have never been with a women before, but you are so beautiful!" Female - 36


(Him) "Seeing escorts can be a bit hit and miss, so I usually go for a massage service when I'm travelling for business. I'm glad I came to see you.

(Me) "Did you have a good time?"

(Him) "I had a great time!"

Male - 28


"That was so nice! It wasn't rushed at all." Male - 38


"I'm spent!" Male - 50


"I couldn’t keep up with you!" Male - 47


"That was the best sex I’ve ever had!" Male - 26


"You are Rubenesque!" Male - 65


"Thank you so much! I had always been scared of sex." Male - 31 - After loosing his virginity to me


"It was intense!" Male - 36


"You’re so womanly!" Male - 24


"The best body slide I’ve ever had!" Female - 48


"Wow… just wow!" Male - 29


"Wow, you are amazing!! I had a great time!!" Male – 32


"I’ve never met a women like you!" Male – 56


"You are dangerous!" Male - 44

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