Like everyone, I have my limits and limitations. Below are services I do not offer, so please do not ask! I don't offer them for a reason. Many of these activities are included in a Porn Star Experience (PSE), which is something I do not offer. If I do not offer what you desire, please find an escort who does. But do not expect anyone to offer any illegal acts, this is just common sense.

Anal/A-Levels/Greek Sex Β· Finger or Penial πŸ’‹

Any illegal activity πŸ‘«

Any physical harm to my body which leaves permanent marks πŸ’‹

Ball Licking & Sucking πŸ‘¨

BBBJ Β· Bare Back Blow Job πŸ‘¨

Bareback/Natural/Unprotected/Unsafe Oral Sex πŸ‘¨

Bareback/Natural/Unprotected/Unsafe Vaginal Sex πŸ’‹

Brown Showers/Scat Play/Hard Sports πŸ‘«

CIH/COH Β· Cum In Hair/Cum On Hair πŸ‘«

CIM Β· Cum In Mouth Without Protection πŸ’‹

COF Β· Cum On Face πŸ’‹

Crime Scene Action Β· Vaginal Sex during menstruation πŸ‘«

Deepthroat πŸ‘«

Double Penetration πŸ’‹

Face Hitting πŸ’‹

Fisting πŸ’‹

Golden Showers πŸ’‹

Gorean Β· Performances where men are in charge, without limits.

Medical Play Β· Anesthesia or Blood Play πŸ‘«

PSE Β· Porn Star Experience πŸ‘«

Rape Fantasy/Simulation πŸ‘«

Rimming/Analingus/Asian Sex/DATO πŸ‘¨

Roman Showers πŸ‘«

Snowballing πŸ‘«

Spitting πŸ’‹

Teabagging πŸ‘¨

Tromboning πŸ‘¨

420/420 Friendly/Herb Friendly πŸ‘«



ON ME = πŸ’‹

ON YOU = πŸ‘¨

ON BOTH = πŸ‘«

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn πŸ’‹