β€œA world where it is safe to love is a world where it is safe to live.”
Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio


Evelyn & Erik have a loving and open polyamorous partnership. A polyamorous relationship is where the partners can have more than one partner with the knowledge and consent of all partners. It is consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy. Evelyn and Erik are each others primary partners, meaning they both have the highest degree of involvement of their partners. Evelyn is now happy to offer services to select clients with her partner Erik.

Sexual Health

Evelyn and Erik have only have unprotected sex with each other, and protected sex with everyone else they see privately and professionally. They are both tested regularly.


Erik In a Nutshell

Age 28

Hair Brown, Bare on Top

Beard & Moustache Reddish Brown

Build Average with Squared Shoulders

Package 6”

Eyes Brown Β· Skin Tanned

Height 5’ 7” Β·Weight 77kg

Sizing Medium Top, 34” Bottom

Shoe Size 9 Aus

Languages English

Nationality Australian

Race  Caucasian/Mediterranean


Erik's Bio

Erik is a smart, charming & open minded bi-curious man from Sydney. He is a robust 28 year old with a sharp mind and a witty tongue. He has completed his Bachelor and Masters and now works as a chef during the day. While not classically handsome, his cute, almost boyish face, luscious facial hair, strong body and kind personality make you feel welcomed and wanted. A true student of life, he loves getting to know people, what they need and want, and what makes them tick. All adding to the enjoyment behind closed doors.

Erik enjoys physical as well as emotional intimacy with his partners in his personal life, and can bring his loving manner into the bedroom with threesomes and couples who swing. Open to meeting single male, female, Trans and other clients with me, as well as couples who swing or want an all-out orgy.

Erik can be a passionate and tender lover, never stopping until a women is satisfied, or he can be strong and rough if the occasional calls for it, easily picking me up off my feet. With an easy manor, he walks a line between kind and diabolical in the bedroom; Erik and I just can’t get enough of each other. Our typical sex sessions last well over an hour; he has the ability to hold off until I have had all the fun I can, and then he finishes with a bang.

Whilst not as seasoned with Fetishes as I am, Erik is a willing student and we have shared many kinky sessions together with much enthusiasm on his part. Please see below for the complete explanation of services offered by Erik and myself as a couple.

Please note, Erik does not travel with me to all my tours locations, so please enquire with me when requesting a booking  if he is available.

While Erik is not a professional Sex Worker outside the context of bookings with myself, he makes up for it in enthusiasm!


What a dream! A real couple!

Activites with Evelyn & Erik

Individual Clients



Imagine you meet an amorous couple. A tall, elegant and voluptuous women, a rugged, erudite and compassionate man. They take you in, offer you a drink. You open up to them, share yourself. You get to know them a little, and they get to know you. They take you to their boudoir and initiate a night that will make your dreams come true. Coming together and uniting in sexual passion and pleasure. An experience not to be missed!

The desire for your threesome with us is at your discretion. Please CONTACT me to discuss.

Threesome service are available to all.


Ever wanted to Cuckhold someone? Well now you can!

Cuckolding is a Fetish where the male partner is forced to watch the female partner sexually interact with another. Your session will involve any of my regular services whilst Erik sit’s and watches. You can even tie him up if you like?!

Cuckhold services are available to all clients.


Ever wanted to Cuckquean someone? Well now you can!

Cuckquean is a Fetish where the female partner is forced to watch the male partner sexually interact with another. Your session will involve any of Erik’s services whilst I sit and watch. You can even tie me up if you like?!

Cuckquean services are for female and trans-female clients only.


Couple Clients


Swing Session

A swing session is where Erik & myself meet a couple and proceed with a traditional partner swap. The separate couple’s sessions can take place in the same room or in separate rooms, as per your desire.

Orgy Session

An orgy session is where Erik & myselfmeet a couple and proceed with a 60s style all in orgy! Join us for a night of uninhibited passion, where you can touch, tease, squeeze and please yourself, another, or others. Something every couple should experience once in their relationship for sure!


Erik’s Activites


Sexual Activities Performed On

πŸ‘« All genders




❀︎ Affectionate Touching & Kissing πŸ‘«

❀︎ Cuddles & Caressing πŸ‘«

❀︎ Deep French Kissing Β· DFK πŸ‘«

❀︎ Emotional Connection πŸ‘«

❀︎ Engaged Conversations πŸ‘«

❀︎ Face Sitting πŸ‘«

❀︎ Fingering πŸ’‹

❀︎ Hand Holding & Hugging πŸ‘«

❀︎ Mutual Masturbation πŸ‘«

❀︎ Mutual Oral Β· "69ing" πŸ‘«

❀︎ Oral Giving Β· Blowjobs Β· Protected Only πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Oral Receiving Β· Blowjobs Β· Protected Only πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Oral Giving Β· Cunnilingus/DATY Β· Protected if Requested πŸ’‹

❀︎ Oral Receiving Β· Blowjobs Β· Protected Only πŸ’‹

❀︎ Passionate Sex in a Variety of Positions - Long Lasting and Intimate Sex Sessions πŸ’‹

Erik’s Exclusions

❀︎ Anally penetrative acts πŸ‘¨

❀︎ My Fetish & Erotic Massage Services πŸ‘«

❀︎ My List of Exclusions. See INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONS πŸ‘«

Erik & Evelyn Together

As Erik and myself are partners in real life, there is a level of both trust and intimacy we have together. Therefore we do perform various acts together which we would not with clients. Many of these are on my Exclusion List. These are listed below for your information.

Sexual Activities Performed On

πŸ‘« Both Evelyn & Erik

πŸ’‹ Evelyn ONLY

πŸ‘¨ Erik ONLY


❀︎ Any physical harm to my body which leaves permanent marks πŸ‘«

❀︎ Ball Licking & Sucking πŸ‘¨

❀︎ BBBJ Β· Bare Back Blow Job πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Bareback/Natural/Unprotected/Unsafe Oral Sex πŸ‘«

❀︎ Bareback/Natural/Unprotected/Unsafe Vaginal Sex πŸ’‹

❀︎ CIH/COH Β· Cum In Hair/Cum On Hair πŸ’‹

❀︎ CIM Β· Cum In Mouth Without Protection πŸ’‹

❀︎ COF Β· Cum On Face πŸ’‹

❀︎ Crime Scene Action: Vaginal Sex during menstruation πŸ‘«

❀︎ Face Hitting πŸ‘«

❀︎ Golden Showers πŸ‘«

❀︎ Medical Play Β· Blood Play πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Rape Fantasy/Simulation πŸ‘«

❀︎ Spit Roasting Β· Erik & another Man, or LGBTQI+ with a Strap On

❀︎ Spitting πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Teabagging πŸ‘¨


Participation & Rates

Bookings with Erik & myself have varying rates depending on our participation. See "Couples Rates" under RATES.

Individual Clients



Participation of myself, Erik & You. 

Couples Rates apply.

Cuck Sessions

Cuckhold Β· Participation of myself with You while Erik watches.

Cuckquean Β· Participation of Erik with You while I watches.

Individual Rates + Companionship Rates. The Individual rate depends on the service type requested, either Erotic Massage or Full Service & Fetish Experience.


Couple Clients

Swing & Orgy Sessions

Participation of myself, Erik & a Couple.

Couples Rates + Companionship Rates.

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I offer some additions including Natural Oral, CIM (Cum in Mouth), STI Tests, Early & Late Bookings, and Water Sports!

🎨 Combinations 🎨

I love offering bespoke sessions t suit your desires… I’m happy to mix and match my services pending your request. Just mention it when you CONTACT me to enquire or request a booking!

🚫 Exclusions 🚫

While I offer a range of services, I cannot offer everything. So please be sure to read about my exclusions before enquiring or making a booking, it will save us both a lot of time!

✨ Experiences ✨

Be sure to read up about all the experiences I offer to make sure we include everything your heart desires, and have the best possible time together!


Melbourne Incalls have access to my Private Fetish Room at no additional charge! Take a look, if you dare!

♻️ Inclusions ♻️

I endeavour to offer an inclusive service to all adults wanting to see me. Feel free to read at your leisure.


I have a range of sexy outfits for those into cosplay & role play, or who merely admire the aesthetics of a certain look.


I have a range of sex toys to spice up our time together!


CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry!

Erik and I would love to hear from you! Evelyn πŸ’‹