Not Another Sex Work Blog

In world full of limitless views on every topic imaginable, I put off the idea for the longest time in adding my voice to the crowd. After all, can one person’s ideas matter? But it seems that every year I live my life, even every day, both in my personal and professional life, I encounter individuals who are curious. Curious about who I am and what I do; I’m a young Australia women, and I am a sex worker.

At the risk of repeating myself one too many times to clients, friends, family and passers-by I confess my profession to, I have instead decided to start a blog about the things I know and have learnt. I don’t profess to be a sex-pert, but offer my humble and informed opinion, as well as links to relevant scientific topics, to the masses. I endeavour to discuss some important, and often misunderstood, topics on a myriad of sexy topics including, sex, sex work, sexual health, sexuality, sex toys & tools, pleasure, fetishes, intimacy and the human body; all things taboo!

Knowledge leads to understand, which breeds acceptable and tolerance. As such I will reveal what lays behind the sheer curtain separating men from women, civilians from sex workers, and everyone from each other, and even themselves, when it comes to the topic of sex!

Evelyn Amoure 💋

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