"A massage is just like a movie, really relaxing and a total escape, except in a massage you're the star. And you don't miss anything by falling asleep!”

Elizabeth Jane Howard

Erotic Massage's Services

πŸ’¦ Tantric Massage β˜… MOST POPULAR β˜…

πŸŒ‹ Prostate Massage

🌈 Swedish/Remedial Massage

🌊 Water Seduction Massage β™₯ PERSONAL FAVOURITE β™₯


β™₯ Evelyn has completed the Introductory to Massage Course at Evolve College, Bondi, Sydney, Australia. There she trained in basic Swedish/Remedial Massage techniques.


β™₯ I am a professionally trained Masseuse in Swedish/Remedial Massage & Tantric Massage.

β™₯ Hand Relief & Oral (Protected) are included in all massage bookings, if desired.

β™₯ Massages are performed with both myself and my client nude, unless my client has another preference.

β™₯ In my Tantric Massage I use Warm Natural Cocoa Nut Oil and Essential Aromatherapy Oils, it’s good enough to eat and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth for days as well as making you taste just a little like chocolate! If you have an allergy to chocolate or would prefer to leave odourless, please let me know before and I can try to have Baby Oil/Mineral Oil available. Oil-less massages are also possible, but where's the fun in that?

Tantric Massage

A tantric massage is an emersion of the senses into the erotic. Touch, taste, sight, smell and sound will be overwhelmed with sensation to achieve a sensationally pleasurable orgasm. Sensual music will accompany us on our journey through your sensory exploration. I perform my tantric massages in a warm environment, in a heated room by candle light. We begin by disrobing each other to our natural state. I then have you lay face forward on the bed where you will receive an erotic massage from head to toe, followed by a series of body slides accompanied with kisses and sensual caresses. I then turn you over and the process is repeated on your more aroused side. I use a combination of erotic essential oils and warmed massage oil from the cocoa nut. Your skin will be left silky smooth and smelling of natural beauty. As the massage draws to a close, your engorged sexual organ is rubbed and sucked to full climax. Leaving you sweating and tingling with overwhelmed sensation and pleasure. A must try on every adults sexual bucklist! See my REVIEWS.

Prostate Massage

I glove my dominate right hand and languidly lubricate the latex. I gently feel for your anal opening and insert one finger into your rectum. I rotate my finger to slowly stretch out your anus. If your anus and rectum can handle another finger I insert a second, and possibly a third, if you can take it. Positioning my finger/s on the front wall of your rectum, the wall the prostate is behind, I massage up and down and side to side. In and out of your anus also if you desire. A prostate massage is normally performed in conjunction with hand relief and/or protected oral stimulation of the larger male sex organ. The internal sexual stimulation of the male sex organ system is often met with more pleasurable and intense orgasms.

Novices often report a strange yet enjoyable sensation. Experienced recipients of the prostate massage know all too well how good it can feel. As every individual experiences their bodies differently, the experience of a prostate massage does lay on a spectrum. Some men find a prostate massage uncomfortable but rarely painful, others find it a stimulating and an enjoyable addition to their bedroom activities, while others still find it is their most enjoyable sexual sensory spot. I suggest all men try it at least once in their life. Don't be afraid to explore new horizons!

Swedish/Remedial Massage

In a dimly lit room we disrobe and you lay face down on a fluffy warm towel. Your massage is tailored to you and your needs, as such it can be slow and sensual, or vigorous and revitalising. The Swedish Massage, also known as the Remedial Massage, was designed by health professionals across Europe in the 1800s to treat patrons of elite health spas and sanitariums, and is now the international standard for relaxation. A Swedish Massage combines stroking, kneading and rubbing motions to loosen muscle tension; other medical benefits include increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving blood circulation, increasing muscle flexibility and even helping with pain management. Swedish massages can be given with oil or without. You will be stroked, kneaded and rubbed from head to toe, leaving you with a sense that your muscles are simply melting away. This can be followed if desired by a feat more common to erotic massage, the Rub'n'Tug.

Water Seduction Massage

A water seduction massage allows us to cleanse our bodies with a hot and humid shower together. We shed to our bare skins as the warm water of the shower steams up the room. We enter and submerge each other until our skin is soaking and saturated. I then lavishly apply body wash from your neck to your toes, making sure to slush and sop it all over your moistened member. Through misty eyes we slip our hands over each others drenched and dripping bodies, exploring the sense of touch to it's fullest extent. Writhing and wrestling under the water, we kiss passionately like long lost lovers. Teaming with anticipation, I use my thighs, breasts and hands to erupt your grand geyser. I lovingly wash you down again and we hold and caress each other. After we've toweled ourselves dry I can remoisturise your skin with a relaxing remedial massage.

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