"I met the lovely Evie not so long ago. She made me feel at ease straight away. Though I was stunned by how beautiful she is from her pictures, being in front of her... she has a glowing presence. She is caring, loving & sweet, with a really awesome wicked streak to boot. Kissing Evelyn, well, I just wanted more and more. The kind of girl I would take home to meet mum and dad for sure! The innocent looks of sweetness, matched with a classic sensuality, all wrapped around a darker core of devilish delight. Please Miss, may I have some more?... Thanks for an amazing time!"

Male - 43 - Disability - Paraplegic

"I've just had the privilege of spending four incredible hours with Evelyn! She left me speechless!... Not only is she utterly gorgeous, with perfect alabaster skin on her tall, yet curvaceous, figure, but she is an extremely caring, down to earth and open minded person. I have been with women before, but being with Evie was the first time I ever felt like my disability wasn't an issue, wasn't a barrier for being with someone. It felt amazing and meant so much to me! She will definitely leave you wanting more..... a lot more!"

Male - 37 - Disability - Cerebral Palsy


"I am very shy when it comes to women... Injuries I sustained as a child and severe weight gain left me too self conscious to initiate sexual interactions with women. It took months before I was confident enough to contact Evelyn once I'd read her site, but I'm so glad I did. I had my first kiss with her, we went straight to French Kissing, then she taught me about other parts of her body. In the same session I was able to give her an orgasm, another first for me that was just incredible to experience! She was so patient with me and taught me how important communication is with a sexual partner. It was truly a pleasure being with her, she really is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing her sexy, beautiful, gorgeous face and body again! A total angel, I really can't thank her enough!!"

Male - 32 - Disability - Organ Damage - First sexual encounter


❤︎ As a conscientious escort, I endeavour to offer my services in an inclusive way. We are all people and we all need love, acceptance, compassion and companionship!

❤︎I am happy to see any client with physical, intellectual, cognitive, visual or hearing disabilities, a neurodegenerative disorder, a chronic medical condition or a mental illness.


❤︎I have completed the Professional Disability Awareness Training (PDAT) in 2015 with Touching Base Inc in Sydney, Australia. I am proud to be listed on their "Referral List of Disability-Friendly Sex Service Providers", available from their website TOUCHING BASE.


❤︎ I have experience working with clients with disabilities in the past and always looks forward to welcoming new clients to my service.

❤︎I have basic Australian Sign Language training and can Finger Spell. Other modes of communication are possible and include communication boards and other communication devices, just mention this in your correspondence.

Incall & Outcall


❤︎  Incall to my private apartment/hotel room. Depending on my location, the premises may not be wheelchair accessible. I also may not have disability friendly bathing facilities. 

❤︎  Incall to a conveniently booked hotel. This is an additional +$150AUD approx.


❤︎  I am happy to visit you in your home or hotel. Travel rates apply, see RATES, DISCOUNT & PAYMENT INFO.


When Contacting

❤︎ When contacting me, please mention the following:

♡ The nature of the clients condition. This could include their diagnosis, mobility impairment, need for use of medical equipment, medications and tremors or seizures they experience etc.

♡ The clients ability to communicate and forms of communication.

♡ The clients previous sexual experience. As they may not have had much or any ability to experience their sexuality before. I would want them to know in turn I support all individuals ability to explore their sexuality, at their own pace and without fear of judgement.

♡ The clients ability to consent.

If you are the client themselves or a third party making a booking on their behalf.

For More Information

Please visit "Guidelines Provided by Touching Base Inc.".

For Carers and Support Persons

❤︎ If you are assisting someone with an incall appointment at my home office, I live in a suburb with numerous cafes where you can wait during the appointment. I will need your contact number in case of an emergency, and to advise you at the end of the appointment.

❤︎While Sex Work is a legally recognised profession in Australia and other countries where I work, there is still a high level of discrimination associated with it. So as a common courtesy I ask any carer's and my client to refrain from talking about the appointment until you are back in your vehicle, and to not greet me with my work name in public as my neighbours do not know me by this name.


❤︎If you have any questions, please feel completely free to ask me anything, either in your correspondence or in person. I will not take offence! Knowledge is power!


CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn 💋