All adults are welcome! I provide an inclusive and safe environment for clients to experiment with their bodies, minds, sexual preferences and sexuality. As such, I do not exhibit prejudice towards anyone for any reason. And in turn I do not appreciate or accommodate prejudice or bigotry from my clients. My exception is, however, if you are not proficient at communicating in English I will have to decline your booking request. I am inclusive of:

Ability or disability

♥️ Ambulatory and persons with a disability are welcome. See DISABILITY FRIENDLY.


♥️ I welcome all adults; from the beginning to the middle to the end of our adult lives we all need love. However the age of consent differs from state to state and country to country, and I will abide by the local laws regarding age of consent. If you look or seem underage I will ask for proof of ID.

Experienced & Inexperienced Patrons

♥️ I am happy to see clients who fall everywhere on the spectrum from inexperienced to experienced with sexual activity and fetishes. I will happily see clients who fall anywhere from brand new to the sex industry to those who have been patrons for decades. Please let me know about your level of experience before our booking so I can better gauge a starting point for our session!


♥️ All genders are welcome: male, female, transgender, agender and other identifying individuals. See LGBTIQ+ FRIENDLY.

Individuals & Couples

♥️ Individuals

♡ If you're flying solo I am happy to offer my company.

♡ If you're after a real life threesome with a steamy couple, I offers services with my boyfriend. See EVELYN & ERIK.

♥️ Couples

♡ If you're a pleasure seeking couple I'm twice as happy to join in your sexcapades. See COUPLES & THREESOMES.

♡If you're after a ménage à quatre or want some swinging action, I offer services with my boyfriend. See EVELYN & ERIK.

Medical Health

♥️ Baring communicable diseases and most STIs, I am happy to see clients with various medical diagnoses. I have worked with individuals with birth defects through to terminal illnesses. So long as I can't pick up what you're putting down, I am happy to spend time with you.

Mental Health

♥️ I have both personal and professional experience with interacting with persons with Mental Illnesses. I am very accepting and understanding of clients who have either diagnosed or undiagnosed Mental Illness/es. My one exception to seeing such clients are those prone to violence. While I do not assume anyone with a Mental Illness is inherently violent, I am aware that violent outbursts and/or reactions can be a symptom of some pathologies. If anger is a problem behaviour for you or someone you represent please advise me so I can make an informed decision when booking a session; this is on a case to case basis, so please be honest when booking. See MENTAL ILLNESS FRIENDLY.

Sexual Dysfunction

♥️ If you suffer from a sexual dysfunction, you are welcome! I have experience with clients with a range of sexual dysfunctions including, but not limited to, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual arousal disorders, sexual pain disorders and anorgasmia. I am happy to work around and or with your sexual dysfunction so you still have an enjoyable and memorable time with me. Do keep in mind that I am not a medical professional or a trained sexual therapist. Whilst I am happy to meet with you, please do not expect detailed medial advise or assistance, these can be sought by a Doctor and/or Sexologist (a psychologist who specialists in sexual matters). 

Sexual Experience · Virgin through Casanova

♥️ Whether you have never been kissed, or have spent decades enjoying a plethora of lovers, I am happy to see you!

♥️ Virgins · Clients who identify as a Virgin are encouraged to mention this during our communications; this is to ensure I don't come on too strong or assume you may know things you haven't had the opportunity to learn yet.


♥️ Whether you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, bi-curious, transgender, transsexual, intersex, queer, questioning or other (LGBTIQ+), you and your body are welcome! See LGBTIQ+ FRIENDLY.


♥️ I do not judge you based on the colour of your skin, where you were born, or what customs you practice. After all, these things are figuratively, and some literally, skin deep. Who you are on the inside, your personality, is who you really are, and how most people define themselves. So long as you are respectful, I am happy to see you!

Relationship Status

♥️ Whether single, attached or in a complicated place relationship wise, I am happy to see you.


♥️ Whether you are small, medium, large or plus size, I am happy to see you. Larger clients may not be able to perform or have performed upon them some activities for logistical reasons. So while you do not need to mention your size when making a booking, it may be helpful to know before the booking.

We are all people and we all need love, acceptance, compassion and companionship!

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn 💋