How do you dress?


Unless otherwise requested, I will be wearing Lingerie topped with a Summer Dress or Cocktail Dress pending on my mood and time of day. I normally wear high heels unless I need to limit the noise I am making for some reason.

In Winter

Cardigains, Jackets, Coats and Boots may also be worn pending the weather.



Incalls Β· All outfits available. Request Outfits & Accessories prior to booking so I can prepare them.

Outcalls Β· Please request an outfit prior to your booking so I can bring it/them.

Touring Nationally & Internationally

✈ Touring Outfits & Accessories available on tour Nationally and Internationally. For Incall and Outcalls, please request Outfit or Accessories prior to the booking so she can prepare/bring it/them.


❀ Airline Hostess

❀ Army Cadet

❀ Beer Maiden/Oktoberfest

❀ Bride

❀ Catsuit / Cat Woman / PVC Body Suit · Black

❀ Dominatrix Β· Black with Metallic Red Trim Latex Dress & Accessories. By Latex Express. See below. βœˆ

❀ French Maid

❀ Harley Quinn · Margo Robbie from Suicide Squad

❀ Hogwarts Student · Ravenclaw Costume with option for Luna Lovegood

❀ Nun (My traditional outfit can be worn over the sexy outfit)

β™‘ Sexy Nun

β™‘ Traditional Nun

❀ Nurse

❀ Playboy Bunny

❀ Sailor Girl

❀ School Girl

❀ Secretary / CEO ✈

❀ Silk and Satin Corsets (overbust & underbust)

❀ Wonder Women





Black Β· PVC Β· Thigh High Β· 4' Heel

Black Β· Leather Β· Thigh High Β· 4’ Heel


Black · Patent Leather · Pumps. 4' Heel ✈

Clear Β· PVC Β· Pumps Β· 4’ Heel


Black Β· Body Suit

Black Β· Swim Suit




Essence of Eve Β· Clear with Metallic Green stems/leaves and Red flowers Β· Latex Catfish

The Chimney Sweep's Daughter Β· Black Β· Latex Catfish


Belted n Busty Β· Black with Red Trim Β· Latex Catfish

Pull On Β· Black Β· By Latex Express. βœˆ


Bird Cage Underbust Β· Black with Red Metallic Trim Β· Latex Catfish

Serpentine Overbust Β· Black with Red Trim Β· Latex Catfish


Diamond Dress Β· Black with Red Metallic Trim Β· Latex Express βœˆ



Gauntlets Β· Black Β· Latex Express

Evening Β· Black Β· Latex Express


Hipster Briefs Β· Black Β· Latex Express

Folie G String Β· Black Β· Latex Express ✈

Set Β· Floral Ascent

Bra Β· Clear with Black Trim Β· Latex Catfish

Gloves Β· Clear with Black Trim Β· Latex Catfish

Panties Β· Clear with Black Trim Β· Latex Catfish

Suspenders Β· Clear with Black Trim Β· Latex CatfishSkirt

Vader Vamp Β· Black Β· Latex Catfish


Half High Β· Black Β· Latex Catfish

Stockings & Suspenders

Thigh High Stockings Β· Black Β· Latex Express


Suspender Belt Β· Black Β· Latex Express


Crazy Butterfly Love Β· Black with Red Metallic Trim Β· Latex Catfish


Black Β· Corset with attached Mini Skirt

Black Β· Dress Β· Dangerfield

Black Β· Long Gloves


Thigh High Stockings

Black ✈

Black with Back Stripe

White ✈



Black Β· Thigh High Stockings Β· Leather look

Suspender Belt

Black · Lace ✈

White Β· Lace

Red & Black Β· Lace

Want Something Else?

If you desire an additional outfit/s or accessory/ies for a booking which I do not own, I am happy:

For you to bring something for me to wear. See my sizes ABOUT ME.

For you to advise me before the booking and I can purchase it at your request. An additional rate will apply and a deposit will be required.

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn πŸ’‹