“My sexuality is a part of me that I really like. But it's not the totality of me.” Portia de Rossi



Evelyn identifies as a pansexual. Unfortunately 99.99% of the world don’t know what that means so she simplifies it by saying bisexual, which traditionally includes only hetero or bi men & bi or lesbian women. She is however attracted to people, more specifically people’s personalities.

So let’s get some terminology clear from the start with some textbook definitions.


1. An umbrella term for all individuals regardless of gender or sexuality.

2. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transender/transexual, queer/questioning, intersexual and others.

Lesbian · A homosexual woman.

Gay · Of a person, especially a man, homosexual.

Bisexual · Sexually attracted to both men and women.

Transgender · Denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.

Transexual · A person who emotionally and psychologically feels that they belong to the opposite sex.

Queer · Denoting or relating to a sexual or gender identity that does not correspond to established ideas of sexuality and gender, especially heterosexual norms.

Questioning · To be unsure of or re-examining one's previously assumed sexual orientation or gender identity.

Intersexual · Relating to or having the condition of being intermediate between male and female.

Others · All other individuals which do not fit under the other headings. Two common additions are A, P & S; A for Asexual and Allies, P for Pansexual and S for Straight.

Asexual · Without sexual feelings or associations.

Allies · A straight person who supports LGBTIQ+ rights.


Adjective · Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

Noun · A pansexual person. E.g. Evelyn Amoure.

Straight ·A heterosexual person.


A reflection of one's self-image as relating to sexual nature. For a full list see “Here’s a List of 58 Gender Options for Facebook Users”.

Cis-Gender Someone whose gender corresponds to their assigned sex.

Cis-Woman A non-transgendered female. A naturally-born woman or girl whose psychological gender identity is socially female also.

Cis-Man A non-transgendered male. A naturally-born man or boy whose psychological gender identity is socially male also.


A person's sexual orientation or preference.

For a full list see “A Complete List of All Tumblr Sexualities so Far”.

Political Correctness


Evelyn Amoure is LGBTIQ+ friendly and would like you to know she tries to have an inclusive business model which welcome all individuals.

As a non-hetero identifying woman she does try to be considerate of other people’s biological sex, gender, gender identity & sex orientation. She has included this page on her website to provide further information and to hopefully answer questions about her experience, beliefs & services.

Evelyn apologises if any wording or terminology offends anyone, this is not her intention.

Discount Rate


As a form of benevolent sexism, Evelyn is happy to offer her services for LGBTIQ+ clients at a discounted rate. This is her own act of positive discrimination to:

Help bridge the gender pay gap.

Encourage more LGBTIQ+ clients to avail themselves of her services.

Open up the industry of sex work to LGBTIQ+ clients who wish to experiment with their sexuality & desires.


Evelyn’s Discount Rate is 25% off Evelyn’s regular rates.

This applies to all services except her travel rates, which are fixed.


The following clients are eligible for Evelyn’s Discount Rate.




Transgender · With or without gender confirmation surgery


Transgender · With or without gender confirmation surgery


All other gender identifying individuals.




The following clients are ineligible for Evelyn’s Discount Rate.

Gender · Men · Cis-men

Sexuality · Bisexual, Bi-curious, Questioning, Pansexual or Straight

Contacting Evelyn


Please CONTACT Evelyn to make an enquiry or request a booking!

When contacting Evelyn please mention your:

Gender · This is simply because some names can be ambiguous, especially if they are a chosen name or a non-Anglo-Saxon name she may not be familiar with. Evelyn would prefer to use the correct gender pronoun when conversing with you. She would also like to apply her Discount Rate when she quotes you the rate for your session.

Sexuality · If you do identify with a specific category from LGBTIQ+

Experience with Women · A little about your previous sexual experience with women would be a great help too. This will help Evelyn gauge a starting point for your time together.

Please read on if you are interested in the

following tit bits direct from Evelyn

Me & LGBTIQ+ Clients

Myth: Bisexuals & Pansexuals are Fence Sitters

Don’t Be Defined by a Label

My Experience: “Coming Out” as a Pansexual women

Men vs. Women ~ Oranges vs. Apples

My Sexual Preference

Me & My LGBTIQ+ Clients


As a pansexual woman, I understand the desire for female companionship. Unfortunately many factors prohibit cis-women and LGBTIQ+ individuals from feeling comfortable about experimenting with their sexuality & sexual desires, let alone admitting this to the world, if their sexuality or desires are anything except heterosexual.

The largest factor being social stigma & both the real and perceived rejection one faces from simply being honest about our true selves. This stigma often stops many cis-women and LGBTIQ+ individuals from being able to experiment sexually with other women because finding other women who wish to experiment, or are themselves “out”, is a form of publically “outing” oneself. And it’s scary. Trust me, I know.

This is where I, and other pansexual and bisexual female escorts, can come in. A pansexual or bisexual female escort gives cis-women and LGBTIQ+ individuals the opportunity to experiment with and indulge in their sexuality and desires when it comes to other women. I provide a private and safe sanctuary for cis-women and LGBTIQ+ individuals to discuss your desires and to experiment with my body, and theirs. Weather it is your first time with another woman or just one of many sexual experiences with a woman you have had the pleasure to enjoy, I am happy to meet with you to experiment and explore our bodies together!



Bisexuals & Pansexuals are Fence Sitters

One myth and stereotype I had shoved down my throat growing up was that bisexuals/pansexuals are fence sitters when it comes to sexuality. Much like political fence sitters, they act on what is popular or make choices based on what they are presented with at a given time. This is both an ignorant and hurtful stereotype.

Fact: Sexuality is individual, it is personal, much like attraction to other & ones food preferences.

Fact: You like what you like, when you like it.

Don’t Be Defined by a Label


I use quotation marks around the phrases “out” and “coming out” because they are labels, and labels that I don’t like.

In or out, private or public, your sexuality and desires are your own, and they are your own business, nobody else’s. You should not be discriminated against because you are private or public about something which is inherently private.

Similarly, I personally shy away from terms of sexuality and orientation because I do subscribe to the idea that gender and sexuality are fluid. Some days I feel and act stereotypically more masculine than feminine, and vice versa; and my sexual desires vary daily also. Using a label like bisexual female or lesbian is not always accurate because it does not accommodate for variability, and there is variability.

I am a relatively gender neutral and sexuality neutral person when it comes to describing myself. I only use these as descriptors in a professional and public context as they adhere to socially acceptable and understood terms. But I am always honest with people one on one, either at work or in my private life.

Publicly my gender is female and my sexual orientation is bisexual/pansexual, depending on the audience.

Privately, I’d rather be considered a human who is pansexual, albeit a human with a vagina, breasts and pretty hair!

I know many people, including myself, get bogged down in the labelling. Equating what you are and have with who you are. I always try to remember that my personality is who I am, but I can be anything you want!

My Experience

“Coming Out” as a Pansexual women


I myself was “in the closet” until the age of 24, despite several short and long term sexual relations with various women and one experience of an MMF threesome. It was not until I was in the safety of a public relationship with another pansexual woman that I was comfortable telling my family about my sexuality. I had already “come out” to several friends over the years with largely positive results.

“Coming out” was the apex of my struggles with my sexuality. For me, accepting myself was really the hardest thing to do. Telling other people to accept me was just the most stressful.

“Coming out” is not the end of a journey of being a non-hetero oriented woman, it was simply a stressful event society placed upon me for not conforming. I wasn’t a hetero woman, so therefore I must confess to others my abnormality and hope they accept me. It’s honestly ridiculous. No one expects hetero individuals to go to their parents and confess an attraction to people of the opposite sex. “Coming out” to me is part of the ignorance of society when it comes to sexuality. My sexual preferences are not something I need to confess and ask for acceptance of, they simply are. They do not hurt anyone, they do not effect anyone, except myself, and the idea of “coming out” in general leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I am however thankful and lucky to live in a country where it is, at least, legally acceptable to be non-hetero and to sexually experiment. Not all people are so lucky.

Being “in the closet” certainly kept me from being honest with others, myself and from having opportunities to experiment with my sexuality. Hindsight is 20/20 and I do regret not experimenting earlier and more often as a young woman when it came to my sexuality.

I am now “out” and proud. But I still suffer insecurities about my sexuality. How can you not when there is so much ignorance and hatred? It’s not something you are emotionally, nor sadly physically, safe to tell all people. But the more honest I am, the stronger I feel.

Men Vs. Women

Oranges Vs. Apples


I am often asked: what is so different about sex with a person of a certain sex, gender, gender identity or sexuality. This question doesn’t have an answer for me. For example, comparing sexual experiences between men & women is akin to comparing oranges & apples. If you like more than one, all it means is that you like a variety in your sexual diet. And much like my real-world experiences of liking fruit, I like different genders & sexualities in people for different reasons & I feel like their companionship and affection at different times. Over a lifetime peoples tastes change and adapt, as mine have and likely will continue to.

Female Attracted Female Example

I have met women who considered themselves hetero, then bi, then lesbians over time. When you grow up being told you like oranges and never given the chance to bite into a juicy apple, or even think about it without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable, you take for granted that oranges simply are the only fruit. If and when an open minded woman has the opportunity to try an apple, and find that she quite likes it, then she might come, in time, to label herself with a particular sexuality such as bi-curious or bisexual. If she finds she is more and more preferring apples to oranges, or decides that after an apple or two that, by comparison, she doesn’t really like oranges all that much anyway, she will likely begin to identify as a lesbian. Both of these experiences are very common, and neither happen overnight.

I have found, through my journey of life, that discovering what I enjoy sexually required experimentation. This is much like every humans experience of finding what food preferences they have. You won’t know until you try it. Sexuality is fluid, and self-acceptance is a process, and that is 100% ok!

I recommend the book “Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit” by Jeanette Winterson, first recommended to me by my first girlfriend, a woman who helped me on my sexual journey through life by giving me the strength to publically proclaim my sexuality.

 My Sexual Preference

I like Apples, and Oranges, and Kiwis and Passionfruit and Melons and Lemons and Pears, oh my!


The truth is I do not wholly differentiate my attraction to someone based on their genitalia, outward appearance or sexual orientation. It will probably sound stereotypically feminine, but I’m super ok with that because in many ways I am stereotypically feminine… but I find the most attractive qualities of a person dwell within. This is not to say I don’t appreciate the wondrous physiology of a woman, the masculine physique of a man and the body of other gendered peoples, as there is plenty there to enjoy.

But when making decisions about who to date or to be in a relationship with, personality is key to me.

If you’re asking “who do you want to have sex with at any given time?” I’d honestly say, it really depends on the person. For the most part I do enjoy the physiology of women, and the personality of women, and those who identify as women. But there are some people I know who I have preferred as friends, lovers and partners who were men, Transwomen, Transmen and persons of other genders. So again, it comes down to the personality.

But by comparing my first experience with a man and my first with a woman it was easy to see my preference. My first sexual experience with a man was very steamy and arousing, but my first with a woman made me horribly nervous, if I’d been sitting on a chair I would have fallen off of it. This is because I anticipated being intimate with a woman in a way I hadn’t anticipated being intimate with a man. With a man it seemed easy, simple, a round peg in a round hole so to speak. With a woman, not so much. It wasn’t a matter of literally sitting on top of a woman and being able to say “this is sex”, it was a challenge of my own skills as a lover, my understanding of my own body and hers as an extension of that. I was present, I was alive, this was not just two bodies slotting into place like simple mechanics, it was an expression of sexuality, of desire and need.

I heard once… You make love to a man. You make love with a woman.

To me, sex with women is usually more engaging, more arousing and more intimate than with a man. As a general, across the board generalisation.

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn 💋