For workers

♥️ Access to my Blacklist is intended for the safety and security of sex workers only.

♥️ My Blacklist is password protected. If you are a sex worker and would like access to this list, please contact me. Myself or my Personal Assistant will reply asap.

For Clients

What is a Blacklist?

A blacklist is a list of clients who have acted in such a way that they have made an escort feel uncomfortable. An escort who wishes to blacklist someone has had a significantly negative experience with a client and would not recommended others do business with them. This is subjective, but there are usually specific types of “Reasons Someone Gets Blacklisted”, see below.


How do I avoid being blacklisted?

What a handsome question! Essentially, treat me with respect, and don’t do anything on my list of “Reasons Someone Gets Blacklisted”, see below.


Reasons Someone Gets Blacklisted

In a nutshell, any client who disrespects me.

No Show

♥️ Client is a no show with no excuse.

♥️ Client gives a fake address for an outcall.


♥️ Client cancels within the hour leading up to the booking without payment of the cancellation fee, $100AUD.

♥️ Client shows up, decides to cancel the booking and refuses to pay the cancellation fee, $100AUD.


♥️ Client communicates excessively via TEXT, BOOKING REQUEST FORM, INQUIRY FORM, EMAIL or voice messages before or after a booking. (This is subjective, yes. But there is a difference between emailing me a scenario to play out, calling to check a booking is confirmed or sending a few nervous text messages before a booking. I am talking about dozens of interactions day without being responded to. Chances are, I am busy, and will reply at my next available opportunity. See my BLOG, “What do escorts do in their personal lives?”).

♥️ Client repeatedly asks for a service once an answer has been given. This is usually rude, ignorant and/or disrespectful.

♥️ Client is rude or disrespectful in how they communicate with me, unless this is part of a verbal humiliation fantasy in a Fetish service. There is a difference in calling someone “babe or girl” and “slut or bitch”.

♥️ Client shows bigotry towards sex workers, females or LGBTQIAP+ identifying individuals.

♥️ Clients who treat me as less than human, like a living doll or a rent-a-body. I am a person and therefore need to be treated respectfully.

♥️ Client speaks about my business or uses my working name in my apartment building when they are not behind the closed door of my apartment.

♥️ Client sees me in public, alone or with company, and comes up to me, introduces themselves or use my working name. I respect my client’s personal life and privacy, and expect the same in return.


♥️ Client persistently arrives early and/or tries to stay late to get “extra” time. This is painfully obvious to escorts. It is coercive behaviour which shows a lack of respect for us.

♥️ Client wastes my time. Subjective, yes. But there is a difference between asking some enquiring questions about a potential booking and wanting to sext or talk for hours without making a booking.


♥️ Client makes a large booking (over $1000AUD) and promises to deposit the rate, but doesn’t deposit it, without an excuse and/or disappears into the woodwork.

♥️ Client lies about depositing the rate for a large booking.


♥️ Client attempts to or does haggle/barter my rates. My rates are not a starting point. They are fair, set and non-negotiable.

♥️ Client attempts to or does offer a lower rate upon arrival.

♥️ Client attempts to or does offer counterfeit bills to pay my rate. 👮

♥️ Client arrives without a way to pay the rate, but offers to pay the rate after the booking. Client will be asked to leave and pay the cancellation fee, $100AUD.


♥️ Client asks/pressures/bribes/coerces/threatens to or does blackmail me with bad online review/s to providing services I don’t provide, including:

♡ Free

♡ Upgraded without payment (e.g. Full Service when they booked an Erotic Massage), includes in my “Exclusions” list, see INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONS.

♡ Unsafe

♡ Illegal

♥️ Client attempts to impose their own rules on a booking. My bookings are at my discretion. My TERMS & CONDITIONS, RATES and INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONSare available on my website. They are legal, fair, set and non-negotiable.

State of Client

♥️ Client arrives inebriate or stinking of smoke (including cigarette or other).

♥️ Client is particularly unclean (sweaty, dirty, smelly, bad breath, unclean teeth, have urine, cum or faeces visible outside their bodies prior to service) and refuses to clean themselves before service. This is subjective yes, but I am speaking of people who smell, taste or feel disgusting to the point you cannot stand near them.

Illegal Activity

♥️ Client requests/entices illegal activity or services. 👮

♥️ Client attempts to or does stalk me, either in person or digitally. 👮

♥️ Client is under the influence of illicit drugs, has illicit drugs in their possession, or offers illicit drugs for my personal use or as a form of payment. (These clients will not be reported to the police, but they will be asked to leave immediately and pay my cancellation fee, $100AUD.)

♥️ Client attempts to or does steal anything of mine. 👮

♥️ Client attempts to or does harass or threaten me. 👮

♥️ Client attempts to or does become physically or verbally violent with me, unless this is part of a Fetish booking. 👮

♥️ Client attempts to or does penetrate my body (including mouth, vagina or anus) with their penis without protection. 👮

♥️ Client attempts to or does rape me. 👮


👮 = Clients who act in such a way are breaking the law, committing a crime and are therefore reported to the police. No, I’m not joking.


Have all The Blacklistable activites happened to you? Surely these are rare occurrences!

Sad to say that almost every item on my “Reasons to Blacklist Someone” has happened to me at one time or another. Clients who disrespect sex workers like this often disrespect you in a myriad of ways while they are at it. Typically, as I deal with male clients, I will speak about these clients as men. There is certainly a “type” of man who disrespects sex workers; largely, those that view sex workers as beneath them (no pun intended). It is usually out of rudeness, lack of education, incorrect education, ignorance, disrespect and even hatred, that these men try to assert dominance and achieve submission over sex workers. I cannot say if they treat women this way in their personal lives, as I have little interaction with my clients outside of private quarters. But I can say that if these men act this way in other relationships then women will actively avoid them, not just sex workers. No gender is better than another, and treating others as such will only cause you to be disliked, and in my line of work, Blacklisted. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. It is, literally, as simple as that!


Are there clients that aren't naughty enough to get on The Blacklist, but who you will not communicate or make bookings with for other reasons?

Yes. These clients are put on The Greylist. A personal list of mine which is not published and comprises individuals who have done nothing disrespectful or illegal, rather clients I wish not to see. If I do not get along with a client, or if their views are so strongly against my own, I will not communicate or make future bookings with them, but that is not a reason that other escorts shouldn't. Hence why I do not Blacklist them.


Reasons Someone Gets Greylisted

♥️ Clients with whom I have a personality clash. When strong differences between myself and my client/s exist, including ideological, philosophical, religious and/or political differences.

♥️ Clients who refuse to follow my TERMS & CONDITIONS regarding making a booking.

♥️ Clients who express any bigotry. Including intolerance to ability/disability, culture, ethnicity, gender, national origin, personal beliefs, profession, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, sexual preferences, socioeconomic status, or other defining demographics. Depending on the extent of the bigotry, a client may be Blacklisted if I suspect them to exhibit disrespect or danger to sex workers, females or LGBTQIAP+ identifying individuals.

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn 💋