Here is a comprehensive list of questions you may have about me and my services. If your question/s are not answered here, feel free to CONTACT me via ENQUIRY FORM, TEXT or EMAIL.

I’ve never seen an escort or had an erotic massage before, what can I expect?

Not to worry, I am very welcoming! I am gentle, warm and loving, and will help calm any nerves upon our first meeting! We will always have a chat to start us off, get to know each other a bit, and proceed with the enjoyment!

What happens when we meet?

Unless otherwise requested, I will be fully dressed when we meet. After our introductions, you will hand me the agreed gratuity for our rendezvous. From here on out, no two situations are the same. What happens between us is spontaneous and a natural interaction between sexually charged adults…

If I want to impress you, what should I do?

How sweet of you to ask! Do some research: "How to be an Escorts Favourite Client?" In the bedroom Well, talk to me, ask me what I like, what feels good and what doesn’t. What turns me on. Be polite and courteous. Like with any intimate partner, the experience is always better if everyone is revved up! Out of the bedroom A smile goes a long way. I enjoy honesty, humor and a quick wit. To learn more about me, visit my INTERESTS page. I also have a WISHLIST to give you some ideas if you would like to spoil me a little!

How do you select your clientele?

Contrary to popular belief, escorts do not accept every appointment request. I am very open and honest and give extensive details about myself and services on my website; I am very transparent. But I know nothing of you. So I will get a feel for who you are and what you want via our written communication. It is important that I am the right lady for you, just as it is important that you are the right client/s for me! I prefer honest, polite and considerate clients who understand I am a lady, and that I have feelings, and will treat me as such. If you are disrespectful, rude or unkind, I will discontinue communication during the booking stage, or terminate the meeting during an appointment.

How can I make a booking?

Visit my CONTACT and TERMS & CONDITIONS page! It’s all explained there.

Do you take incalls and/or outcalls? Where is your incall location? Where will you travel to for outcalls?

Yes I see clients as incalls or outcalls, based on their preference. No additional rate applies for incalls, travel rates apply to all outcalls. Incall location, outcall locaitons, and travel rates are detailed in RATES.

When can I contact you? What are your business hours?

I take booking between 10am-11pm daily, pending my availability. For current location, see CALENDAR. Feel free to TEXT or EMAIL me 24/7 and I will reply as soon as is possible! I obviously sleep, sometimes at night and sometimes in the day. But I endeavor to respond ASAP. If I have not responded quickly enough to your request please do not call me as my phone always rings on silent and this will not speed up the progress.

How long have you been doing this? And why do you do this?

I have been working as an escort since December 2014. I simply adore the naughtiness of what I do! I know there is a public perception that sex workers are in this line of work because they have huge debts, need high cash incomes for drugs or other unscrupulous dealings, or are being forced to work etc. I want you to know that none of these are true of me, as they aren’t for most women who work in this industry long term. I enjoy sex, (even saying sex gets me wet), and I enjoy my beauty sleep, my free time, and being treated well. A full time salary on part time hours. It’s as simple as that. So please do not worry about me, I am totally fine!

Are you available NOW?

I understand that you may be in the mood right NOW! However, when you want to book with an escort, contrary to popular belief, we are not available on demand. I take advance bookings as I work and have a busy personal life. To ensure our time together is unforgettable, I take an hour to get ready before every booking, plus travel time. Therefore, the quickest I can get to you after a booking is confirmed is 1 hour for incall and the same for outcalls + plus my travel time. Visit my CALENDAR for my day to day availability.

Are your pictures really of you?

Yes, all the photos you see on my website are 100% me! Genuine and in the flesh! Some may have minor glamour alternations, but what you see is what you get!... Are you ready to get me?

That's all very well and good, but can I have some "Current Photos"?

No, sorry. This is for several reasons.

  1. I have approved and am happy to share these photos of myself with the world. A selfie of me sent to a stranger isn't something I am comfortable with someone else/the internet/the world having access to.
  2. These photos protect my identity, a selfie, even without my face, does not. My clothes, where I am etc. gives away my identity and I am not comfortable with that.
  3. I have paid a photographer take these photos. And I adore her and the photos. I respect their work and wouldn't do justice to either of us with a late night selfie.
  4. I look damn good in these photos! If you don't believe it is me, I can't help that. And if you don't want to see me based on what I look like, I can't help that either. You either want to book me or you don't... Do, or not do. There is no try!

Are you a "Clock Watcher"?

No. I do not watch the clock. I find this is distracting for all parties, as well as inconsiderate. I do no wish our time together to be over quickly, and as such I will not rush our time together. In saying this, however, I do not have an accurate internal sense of time. As such I set a gentle tone to notify us when we have 10 minutes left in our session. This usually gives us enough time to finish anything which need be finished and/or cuddle, chat, have you shower (with or without me) and be dressed. For any clients who have been with me when I have forgot to set a tone, I normally go well over the booking time. Some eager clients have requested they get fully 60 minutes of "quality time" together in an hour's booking, removing any time for greeting, accepting my gratuity, showering etc. This however can easily spill into 15 minutes or more, depending on some clients. As such, when I make a booking for, for example, an hour, this includes everything. And I will normally have you on your way around an hour later. Give or take a few mintues. I do not rush, but I do ask that you respect my time, as I respect yours.

How long should I make a booking for?

This is a question clients don't like to ask up front as they worry they may be confronted with a hard sell and spend more on services then they desire or require. As such it is usually a question I get asked after meeting someone in person. And as far as my answer goes, it depends on the situation. Below are my personal suggestions. I will of course be happy to see you for your desired time. ♡ Girl Friend Experience ❣ Individual · 1 hour to cover the basics, 1.5 hours to really enjoy yourself, and 2 hours to indulge. ❣ Couple · 2 hour minimum. ♡ Fetish Experience ❣ Individual · I suggest 1 hour if 1-2 services are desired. 1.5 hours are suggested when a range of fetishes are desired, especially sensory deprivation and BDSM. 2 hour + bookings are common. ❣ Couples · 1.5 hour minimum. ♡ Erotic Massage ❣ Individual · 1 hour. ❣ Couples · 1.5 hour minimum. ♡ Companionship ❣ Meet & Greet · A 30 minute coffee date usually suits. ❣ A Meal · 1 hour for lunch & 2 hours for dinner. ♡ Sex Ed ❣ Individual · 1.5 hour. ❣ Couples · 2 hour minimum. ♡ Combination ❣ GFE/Massage or GFE/Fetish or Massage/Fetish Individual · 1.5 hours. Couple · 2.5 hours. ❣ GFE/Massage/Fetish: Individual · 1.5 hour minimum. 2 hour bookings are very common. Couple · 2.5 hours. 2 hour + bookings are common.

Please note that longer sessions allow clients (individuals and couples) to pass their refractory period, and orgasm/ejaculate a 2nd, 3rd or 4th time. And sometimes even more. I do not count our session complete after a single "shot". If you would like to know more about the refractory period, please research it on google.

In NSW, Australia the age of consent is 16 for men and women. To be an escort however you must be 18 and above, which I am. As I am an International Escort, the age of consent will depend on where in the world I see you. As the age of consent can vary between state and country, I will of course adhere to the laws specific to my location. If you look young to me I may request to see a form of ID to confirm your age. This is not an offence to your maturity or violation of your rights, I have to be sure my clients are of consenting age. If you show up to a booking, look young and refuse to show me a valid form of ID I will have to cancel the booking and request my $100 cancellation fee.

Are you discrete? I have a partner/family/career/reputation to consider…

Absolutely! I understand that seeing an escort is exciting and a bit cheeky for most people, but the industry is clouded in mystery for most clients. Rest assured, I would never disclose, sell or exchange any personal details with a third party. The only people who have access to our booking details are you, me, and my one security personnel. I will not contact you outside of the booking process unless you have requested me to do so. The one exception to this is if you live interstate and I happen to be visiting, I will ask if you wish me to contact you when I visit your home city. If you say no, I will not contact you, and you can check my CALENDAR for tour details, but if you say yes I will TEXT or EMAIL you, your preference, the dates I will be in town and ask if you would like to book an appointment.

I hate emails and texting, it’s so informal. Can I call and we can discuss…?

I communicate via TEXT and EMAIL ONLY. You have to understand I am inundated with enquiries every day, not all of which eventuate to bookings. If you have any questions or queries before requesting a booking, I am happy to respond via TEXT or EMAIL. Nothing can be said that cannot be typed, and it makes it easier for me to have a point of reference when responding.

You have a lot of services listed, what don't you do?

Any excluded services are listed under "Exclusions". See INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONS.

You don't have a service I am interested in listed or included on INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONS, do you offer it?

Naturally I cannot list every possible sexual activity under the sun, but I do have a comprehensive list in. If something is not mentioned here, or under INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONS, please CONTACT me to enquire if I can offer it!

Do you do dress ups/role play/fetishes?

Indeed I do! I love dressing up. From the more demure I can wear silk stocking suspended from my curvy waist and a pair of patent red heels are a gorgeous classic. But if your style is more outlandish I can offer you a willing French maid, school girl, nurse, or even a secretary. I am all too happy to oblige your wicked desires. I practice as a submissive in the BDSM world. I enjoy the B&D and S&M. If you have something a little more specific in mind, feel free to contact me to discuss it. I like to have open communication with my clients.

Do you have a partner?

Yes, I have a male partner, Erik. We are in a polyamorous relationship. We see Individual and Couples together if you're interested. Please see EVELYN & ERIK.

Can I bring a gift?

Yes please! Gifts are by no means expected, but if you would like to bring one, that would be lovely! Everyone loves a little something from someone who thought just about them! Please see MY WISHLIST for some ideas, but I would also enjoy a surprise gift of your own invention!

What race/nationality are you?

I am an Australian Caucasian of mixed Caucasian and European origins. I’m at least a 4th generation Australian on all sides of my family. I grew up in Sydney, Australia.

What if I have a cold sore, symptoms of an STI, or a contagious infection?

If we meet for an appointment and you have visible signs of an STI (e.g. warts, blisters, open sores, pus etc.), I will terminate the booking, which will require a cancellation fee of $100 + travel rates or hotel costs if applicable. This will also apply to other types of infections, so please do not see me when you have a cold, flu or infection. I do not work when I am sick for the health of others, and I likewise cannot risk my own health. If you have lesions on your mouth, i.e. herpes virus, the booking can go ahead, however I will not be able to kiss you, and you will not be able to go down on me. For the health of all, make sure you are fighting fit before we have our rendezvous!

Can I take photos/video of you/us during the booking? I want some good memories/momento etc...

I do not permit you to take photos/video of me/us during any booking for several reasons. The most paramount of which being that I simply do not know what you will do with these photos/videos, and moreover in some cases they can be considered documenting of pornographic material, which is illegal in many places. Even if you do not intend to show them to anyone or distribute them, the simple fact is that if digital media is in someone else's possession, I am no longer in control of them, nor do I have many legal rights over them. My exception to this, however, is that if you wish to take photos/video during our booking, you or I can do so on my personal device, which will remained locked so that the files cannot be forwarded. The files will then be deleted by me after the session. This is to accommodate individuals whose fetish it is to photograph or film adult situations, but allows me to maintain control of the media in question and maintain my privacy. I provide my clients with an experience. I do not sell souvenirs!

I really want to see you, but I can’t afford your prices. What if…???

My rates are non-negotiable. I’m sure you can understand or I would have to bargain and barter with every person. Like all services you seek from a professional there are fixed rates, this is the same with my services. Exception to the rule. Extended books for days, and holidays and travel away, depending on what is included, my rates will vary.

Something has come up and I need to cancel or rebook! What happens?

To cancel or reschedule a booking, you must make contact with me 1 hour prior to an Incall and 2 hours prior to an Outcall. See CONTACT. Cancellations due to cold feet just before or at the time of the appointment will incur a $100AUD cancellation fee + any additional travel or incall hotel booking costs. I hate using condoms during intercourse or blow jobs because … insert reason here … I’m clean and I can prove it, so can we skip the protection? No! Not now, not ever, not in a million years. I practice safe sex on every part of my body. This is for my protection and everyone’s. Do not ask, the answer is no! And it is illegal in NSW for an escort to have unprotected sex and I extend this to oral sex. I know using protection can dampen the sensation, but I'm sure you would want to be with someone who is 100% clean, rather than always wonder "what if..."? To inform yourself about safe sex and STIs, please visit HEALTH DIRECT · STI.

I am allergic to or don’t like latex condoms… but I have my own I like, can we use those?

I provide a variety of sizes and materials when it comes to condoms including regular and large in latex and non-latex condoms. If you have a preferred brand, please make a request before the booking and I will purchase these myself. I will never use condoms I have not bought myself.

Do you have longer reviews/are they real? Why aren't you reviewed on more well known sites?

I have independent reviews posted on my page at Scarlet Blue, there are links to them on my REVIEWS page. The REVIEWS posted on my website are either written reviews from my clients or verbal feedback from clients, with alternations only to spelling, punctuation and tenses. Therefore all my reviews are 100% genuine. I won't apologise for my clients loving me and my service. If you don't believe them, why not book with me and see for yourself. You might be surprised how good I can make you feel! I am rather new to the industry, so I do not have loyal online fans on larger escort review sites yet, but I hope to soon!

Do you offer Phone Sex Sessions or Cam Girl Sessions?


I want to see you, but I am too far away from you! What should I do?

♡ There are a few options:

  1. INCALL · You come to me. I am based in Melbourne but tour Australian and International cities often. See my TOURS page for tour dates. If you wish to be added to mailing list of either TEXT or EMAIL, send me your name and city and I will notify you with my touring dates!
  2. OUTCALL · I come to you. I am based in Melbourne but do outcalls in much of Victoria. Additional travel rates apply.
  3. SEE ME ON TOUR · Wait for me to tour your city if I do tour it!
  4. FLY ME TO YOU · If you'd like me to meet you somwhere I don't live or tour I am happy to fly to meet you! This will incur travel rates including Flights + Accommodation + Incidentals (e.g. ground transport).

Do you do anal… on you?

No sorry. I know many men find this enjoyable, and some women do. I unfortunately am not one of them! To educate yourself about anal play, visit LIFE HACKER · THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO BUTT PLAY.

Do you do anal… on me?

I offer anal on my clients, by fingering or using a sleek metallic vibrator or prostate vibrator… I’ve been told it’s sensational! Again, protection is used on me during this act! If you wish to have this act included in a session please advise me during our communication so I can prepare and bring the appropriate equipment. To educate yourself about anal play, visit LIFE HACKER · THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO BUTT PLAY.

Do you see women/transgendered/transsexual/other/couples/mates?

Absolutely!! Check out my INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONS. As an amorous person, I understand all people need love, affection and care, and a little special time for themselves. I am a genuine bi sexual and love pleasuring women! In my personal life I have several friends who are gay men, lesbian women and pan sexual men and women. I therefore accept and have a deep understanding of non hetero sexual orientations, so you can feel comfortable knowing I will accept and not judge you. Please see the relevant pages · COUPLES & THREESOMES · LGBTIQ+ FRIENDLY

Do you do Bucks or Stag Parties?

Yes! I’d be happy to spend some time with the boys! Please see INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONS and RATES!

Do you… do things with animals?

No. Absolutely not. Do not ask me because I will not oblige in any cross species appointments. Apart from it being illegal, I personally find it immoral to perform sexual acts without consent.

Can I book you for someone else?

How kind of you! I can certainly oblige here. If my services are a present for a partner or a friend, I have a variety of services, please peruse my site and RATES!

Do you see clients with disabilities or special needs?

Short answer yes. However it does depend on the type of disability and type of service required. I have seen clients with physical and intellectual disabilities before and have had positive experiences. Just mention it in your communication and we’ll see if I’m the right fit for you! For more check out my DISABILITY FRIENDLY page!

Are your incalls disabled and/or wheelchair friendly/accessible?

♡ Incalls to my Home Office · My building is not wheelchair accessible, it has many steps and can only be accessed by ambulatory individuals. ♡ Incalls to a Hotel Room I book · Yes. Please mention any accessibility issues as a requirement in your communication and I will book an appropriate hotel with accessible facilities. This is normally +$150. See RATES.

Can you help me with my sexual dysfunction problems?

I am not a trained sexual therapist, so I may not be the best person to see regarding this. Just mention it when you CONTACT me and we’ll see if I’m the right fit for you!

Do you like to “Party” (aka take drugs)?

No! I am DDF · Drug and Disease Free. I do not smoke and I even drink decaf coffee and tea! I do however like a glass of champagne every now and then. However, when it comes to your body I will not judge you, I will simply not partake.

Do you drink or smoke?

I do not smoke, but I do like a glass of sweet Rose or French bubbly, Ruinart, Verve or Moet, every now and then!

Can I smoke during our sessions?

♡ Outcalls · So long as you can smoke in the house or hotel where we meet, I am happy for you to partake. But I will ask you to brush/use mouthwash after each cigarette as I do not like the taste. ♡ Incalls to my Home Office · You cannot smoke inside my house, but you can do so on the balcony. ♡ Incalls to a Hotel Room I book · If you wish to smoke during our time together in a hotel I have booked, please mention this request in your communication and I will book an appropriate hotel.

Can we see each other outside of bookings?

I'm sorry, but no. Please don’t ask, it makes things awkward. If we have a connection, that’s great. But I only see clients at work, like any professional.

Can we meet first for a coffee or a drink? So I can get to know you, see if we have chemistry?

Certainly we can meet for Companionship. See my COMPANIONSHIP and RATES.

Can we have another person watching us?

Oh… naughty! Voyeurism is a hot fetish I include in my RATES for all individual bookings! However, if your playmate wants to join in, couples rates will apply!

Are you fully groomed?

No, but I keep my privates trimmed. If you have a special preference for a fully groomed woman, I will happily oblige, just make a request!

♡ Australia· Yes! Escorting is legal in Australia, although each state has a few specific laws surrounding practices. ♡ NSW· In NSW it is 100% legal to see an escort for any type of fun! So rest assured you are not breaking the law by seeing me! ♡ Other States · Interstate tours within Australia have their own specific legal conditions. And I will abide by the laws of these states when I am there! ♡ Touring· International tours will also have specific legal conditions. And I will abide by the laws of these countries/states when I am there!

Isn’t this expensive if I can… get it for free?

Yes, if you really are getting what I’m offering for free! Sensual and loving time with an intelligent, beautiful and amorous young Australian woman. And in my experience “free” sex is a lot more expensive in more ways than one! There is the initial and ongoing emotional expenditure and the rejections that inevitably go with flirting, dating and intimacy. You have to spend money on multiple partners on multiple dates, get to know them, see if you connect, see if you want to get physical. Then there’s dating, exclusivity, your partners friends and family… Which we all love if we are with the right person… but the truth is we may not all be dating our soul mate right now! If you are after sex, pure unadulterated, sweaty, panting, up against the wall sex cause you couldn’t wait to get to the bed! Then you have escorts… and lucky you, you have me ;) And I cost way less than an emotional expenditure, time or money investment in someone who is not the ONE! So until then, let’s rev each other’s engine’s!

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn 💋