💌 Greeting Card 💌

I love being creative! Why not have me greet you in that old fashion way in this digital world by sending you a greeting card via snail mail? 🐌 Nothing makes you feel more special than getting something in the post from someone special! 💋


Greeting Cards are hand painted 3x4 Inch Greeting Cards. that’s right paint, you a card and write you a personalised note in my lovely calligraphy script!

Cards · $25

🎁 Birthday

🎄 Christmas & New Years

🐰 Easter

🤕 Get Well Soon

💸 Findom

🎃 Halloween

🏮 Lunar New Year

😍 Miss You

😈 Mistress

✉️ Other · Please Specify

🤔 Thinking of You

💗 Valentines Day

+ Ad a Selfie?

Every selfie is unique & just for you! To ensure this I will take my selfie with your hand painted card!

Printed photos come with a digital copy!

👗 Dressed 👗

🤳 Digital +$20

🖼️ Printed +$25

✍️ Printed & Signed +$30

👙 Lingerie 👙

🤳 Digital +$20

🖼️ Printed +$25

✍️ Printed & Signed +$30

🧖 Naked 🧖

🤳 Digital +$20

🖼️ Printed +$25

✍️ Printed & Signed +$30

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

The rest of this page contains Used Items that some pay find naughty… read at your own risk!

🍭 Lollipops 🍭

👅 Sucked

🐱 Pussy Pop

⚡️ Urine Pop

💉 Period Pop

💩 Poop Pop


👙 Used Panties 👙

👚 Used Clothes 👚










👕 T Shirt



👖 Yoga Pants


Yoga Pants.png

👠 Heels



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Bodily Extractions 

💇 Hair 💇


Hair 1.png

When my hair is professionally cut every 6-12 weeks. I will collect my hair from the cut and send it to you!

👂 Ear Wax 👂

$10 - $15


Cotton buds used to clean my ears

2 x Cotton Bud $10

4 x Cotton Bud $15

🤧 Snotty Tissue 🤧

$5 - $15


1 x Snotty Tissue $5

3 x Snotty Tissues $10

6 x Snotty Tissues $15


💅 Fingernails 💅

$10 - $20

👣 Toenails 👣

$10 - $20


💅 Fingernails & Toenails 👣

$15 - $35

Toenails - Copy.png

Fingernails $10

Fingernails w/Nail Polish $15

Fingernails w/ Nail Polish Your Colour Choice $20

Toenails $10

Toenails w/Nail Polish $15

Toenails w/ Nail Polish Your Colour Choice $20

Fingernails & Toenails $15

Fingernails & Toenails w/Nail Polish $25

Fingernails & Toenails w/ Nail Polish Your Colour Choice $35

Bodily Fluids

🤤 Saliva



 Period Blood





Mail shipping all countries

Photo print +$5

🧖‍♀️ Nudes


☠️ Fetish XXX

 Custom Content


⚠️ Warning ⚠️

This page contains content of an X Rated nature. It is not for everyone, and certainly not for the faint of heart.

This page is for extreme fetishes including enemas, golden showers, brown showers, urination & pooping.

This pornography is deemed immoral or even illegal by most governments and is unsellable on most online platforms. I have made it available via private sale only.

None of my porn contains any non consensual acts, underage participants or animals. No such requests for content will be entertained.


How do I order an item/s?

How do I pay for an item/s?

How do I receive my items?

Is this legal?

Is this discrete?

Your order has been sent!

To make payment make a payment for the total amount (item/s + shipping) via:

Bank Transfer


When I have received your payment I will action your order, photograph it & ship it. You will receive an email when:

I have received your payment.

I have actioned your order, photographed & shipped it.

Do keep in mind that I am a touring escort, and while I spend most of my time in Melbourne, I am often away travelling. For logistical reasons, I can only action an order when I am in Melbourne. Please check my Availability- TOURS for my dates to ensure I am available if you need a speedy turn around.

If you do not make a payment for your order within 72 hours I will send a reminder email, however if you do not make your payment within one calendar week I will assume you do not wish to go ahead with the purchase and I will not remind you of payment again. While I understand wanting to change your mind, please only make an order if you intend to pay for it, or I will assume you are wasting my time and will block you from making future purchases if this happens 2 or more times.

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn 💋