I'm Verified

Many clients ask if I myself am real.

Below are a list of compelling reasons to prove I am real & verified byb multiple independant sources. It is not up to me to convince you, you need to do your own research if you are uncertain about a provider!

1. My photos have been verified on a number of sites, see PROFESSIONAL GALLERY for links.

2. I have been in the adult industry as an independent escort for over 3 years, since 2015. This not only means I have many happy clients, but that I pay my rent and bills solely through my escorting income. I don't think I'd be able to do that if I wasn't actually working!

3. I have a website! You're on it right now! I have spent dozens of hours creating & updating it.

4. I am registered & verified with PREFERRED 411. Account: Evelyn Amoure / P228470

5. I have a business bank account with both the Commonwealth Bank & Bendigo Bank.

6. I have a verification video on YouTube!

7. I have two public twitter handles I post to regularly with, collectively, more than 3.5K followers! @EvelynAmoure & @Mistress_Evelyn

8. I have met & worked with numerous national & international escorts, including Singapore's darling Risque Rebecca.

9. I have met & worked with reputable photographers. See PROFESSIONAL GALLERY for links!

10. I have dozens of candid, unedited selfies on my Twitter which I have republished on my website. See AMATEUR GALLERY.

11. I spend $1000's every month advertising!

12. I tour Australian & International cities regularly.

13. I have just been nominated for the first time in Australian Adult Industry Awards in 2018!

14. I have independent reviews scattered across the internet. See REVIEWS for links.

15. You can reverse image google search my pictures and you'll find these images are mine, and copy written by being published on this site. I have had my images stolen and used, so far as I know, in Australia & India. Which is why I now Watermark them.

16. If I was fake, why wouldn't I use pictures of a 6 foot blonde haired, blue eyed tanned starlet?!

17. If I ask for verification and/or a deposit from you, this is to guarantee me who you are, and to guarantee you will attend any booking you make. I have done everything I can to verify myself!

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn 💋