Fly me to you


Want to have me all to yourself?

I am happy to be your personal companion, in the bedroom and out!

If you're a business traveler or just in need of a little rest and recuperation, I’m thrilled to accompany you and add some Amoure to your days… and nights!


Whatever your idea of love, let Amoure guide your way!


Do you desire a business trip escort? Someone to dine with and share your bed?

Do you need a respite by the beach, in the snow, in the outdoors?

The possibilities are endless...


I offers Fly Me To You to select clientele who wish to have extended stays, travel with me or have her meet them.

I can go almost anywhere! I can do, almost, anything! I’m a very adventurous and open minded person!


I have an Australian passport, one of the most powerful in the world. I am happy to come and visit you in any of the following countries:

❀︎ Oceania β™‘ Australia Β· Fiji Β· New Caledonia Β· New Zealand Β· Vanuatu

❀︎ Asia β™‘ Hong Kong Β· Indonesia Β· Japan Β· Macau Β· Malaysia Β· Phillipines Β· Singapore Β· South Korea Β· Taiwan Β· Thailand

❀︎ North America β™‘ Canada Β· United States of America

❀︎ South America β™‘ Argentina Β· Chile Β· Colombia Β· Ecuador Β· Peru

❀︎ Middle East β™‘ Bahrain Β· Israel Β· Jordan Β· Kuwait Β· Lebanon Β· Qatar Β· Turkey Β· United Arab Emirates

❀︎ Europe β™‘ Any countries in Europe

❀︎ Africa β™‘ Morocco Β· South Africa

❀︎ Other Countries β™‘ Please enquire


❀︎ I am based in Melbourne, Australia, but do travel often. So please check my CALENDAR to ensure I am avaiable to travel! The more notice you give the better!

Minimum Booking

❀︎ Oceania · Overnight (14 hours)

❀︎ Asia · 1 Day (24 hours)

❀︎ Everywhere else · 2 Days (48 hours)


❀︎ All my services are available during Fly Me To You bookings. Be sure to read my site to know what I do and don’t offer so you can be sure I meet suit your desires.


❀︎ The rates for a my Fly Me Tou You booking includes: Fly Me To You Rate + Travel Rate.

β™‘ Fly Me To You RateΒ· Includes my time with you. See RATES - FLY ME TO YOU

β™‘ Travel Rate Β· Includes travel expenses such as flights, taxis & accommodation before, during or after visitng you. This depends on the location of the booking.

My Security

❀︎ Details pertaining to my security requirements are available in TERMS & CONDITIONS under "Fly Me To You".


❀︎ Discretion is important for me as well as you. All personal information is kept strictly confidential, only I and my security personnel have access to it. See "Security" and "VIP Clientele" in TERMS & CONDITIONS for more details.


❀︎ Verification is required for all new clients and may be required for some repeat clients. See VERIFICATION & DEPOSIT for details.


❀︎ A deposit of 50% is required of the Fly Me To You booking rate + the total of the Travel Rate to confirm the booking. See VERIFICATION & DEPOSIT for details.

Cancellation Policy

❀︎ I understand we are all busy and sometimes plans change.

β™‘ Travel Rate

No refund can be given for the Travel Rate portion of the booking. Different airlines have different policies and I cannot ensure I can cancle a flight once it is booked.

β™‘ Fly Me To You Rate

Before 24 hours notice Β· Full refund of the Fly Me To You rate.

Within 24 hours notice Β· 50% refund of the Fly Me To You rate (the you made deposit).

Once the booking has begun Β· If our booking needs to shortened then I require the rest of the payment for that days rate, and 50% of the next days rate.

How To Book?

CONTACT me by completing a Prescreening or New Client Booking form.

When contacting, please include:

Identity Full name. A copy of your Government issued ID is required to make the booking. See TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Contact Details Phone number/s & email address.

Location Meeting location, as well as anywhere we will be travelling together. Including city & country, name & address of hotel/s.

Duration Date/s and time to meet.

Desires What you wish to do while we are together.

References If possible. If you have travelled with or seen another escort before, please provide their contact details so I can contact them for a reference. This will not always be possible, but is useful and speeds up the process of my vetting and security procedures.

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Inclusions & Exclusions

❀︎ While I offer a range of services, I cannot offer everything. So please be sure to read my INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONS page before inquiring or making a booking. It will save us both a lot of time!


❀︎ I am happy to tailor my sessions to suit your desires. I'll mix and match my services pending your request. See COMBINATIONS for more details and mention it when you CONTACT me to request a booking! See all the my Services available below.

ALL sessions

❀︎ Be sure to read up about all the sessions I offer to make sure we have the best possible time!











πŸ›©οΈ FLY ME TO YOU πŸ›©οΈ



❀︎ I have a range of sex and sexy related toys to spice up our time together! See TOYS!


❀︎ I have a range of sexy outfits for those into cosplay & role play, or who merely admire the aesthetics of a certain look. See OUTFITS!

Water Sports

❀︎ I offer Golden Showers πŸ‘¨ at an additional rate of +$100 AUD (or international equivalent). A deposit is required for this act, see TERMS & CONDITIONS.


CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn πŸ’‹