Toy Hygiene

Health and safety is paramount to me. I wish my clients to have piece of mind, knowing the toys we use are sanitary.

I clean all used toys after a session.

Inserted toys have condoms placed on them during the session also.

Depending on the toys construction and its materials I have three methods for cleaning which can be used separately, or in combination with each other, to ensure sterility; antibacterial spray, rubbing alcohol and boiling water. I often use two of these on any given toy.

Toys Availability


Incalls to my home office: All toys available. Request Toys prior to booking so I can prepare them.

Incalls to a hotel I book for your convenience & Outcalls: Request Toys prior to booking so I can bring them.

Touring Nationally & Internationally

✈ Touring ~ Toys available on tour Nationally and Internationally. For Incall and Outcalls, please request Toys you wish to use prior to the booking so I can prepare/bring them.

Toys List

Toys Usage

πŸ‘« BOTHΒ· This is an item which can be used on both of us

πŸ’‹ ME Β· This is an item which can be used on ME ONLY

πŸ‘¨ YOU Β· This is an item which can be used on YOU ONLY


Adult Baby

❀︎ Diapers/Nappies Blue Adult Pull Ups πŸ‘«

❀︎ Pacifier/Dummy Blue πŸ‘«


Animal Play

❀︎ Collar Β· Black & Red Satin & Leather Dog Collar. Scandal by California Exotics. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Leash Β· Black & Red Satin & Metal Dog Leash. Scandal by California Exotics. πŸ‘« βœˆ


Anal/Pegging Toys

❀︎ Anal Douche Β· Black Silicone with a Thin Tip. By Cleanstream. πŸ‘¨ βœˆ

❀︎ Butt Plugs Β· All are Black Silicone. Butt Plug and Anal Starter Kit By Healthy Vibes. πŸ‘¨ βœˆ

β™‘ Small Β· 1" girth, 4.5" length. 

β™‘ Medium Β· 1.5" girth, 5.5" length. 

β™‘ Large Β· 2"girth, 6.5" length. 

❀︎ Couples Anal Vibrator Β· Purple Silicone Double Sided Strap On. 0.75" girth 5" length. ShareVibe by Fun Factory  πŸ‘«

❀︎ Harness Β· Denim. Adjustable. Strap and Bound Invisible Denim 3 by Fun Factory. πŸ’‹ βœˆ

❀︎ Strap Ons Β· All are Silicone. πŸ‘¨ 

β™‘ X Small Β· 0.8'" girth, 4" length. Black. Silk Small by Tantus.

β™‘ Small Β· 0.85" girth, 4.25" length. Clear Blue. By California Exotics. βœˆ

β™‘ Medium Β· 1.1" girth, 5" length. Black. Silk Medium by Tantus. ✈

β™‘ Large Β· 1.4" girth, 5.3" length. Black. Amor by Fun Factory. βœˆ

β™‘ X Large Β· 1.4"girth, 7" length. Black. Magnum by Fun Factory.

❀︎ Prostate Massager Β· All Black Silicone. πŸ‘¨

β™‘ Small Β· 1.1" girth, 3.2" length. O-Boy by Rocks Off.

β™‘ Large Β· 1.4" girth, 3.75" length. Naughty Boy by Rocks Off. βœˆ



❀︎ Slave Collar Β· Black Silicone. White silicone SLAVE inscription. By Master Series. πŸ‘«


Bondage Toys


❀︎ Safety Handcuffs Silver with Black furry coverings. Will not leave marks. By Pipedream. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Safety Handcuffs Silver Anodized Metal. May leave light marks if strongly resisted against. By Pipedream. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Safety Ankle Cuffs Silver Anodized Metal. May leave light marks if strongly resisted against. By Lovetoy. πŸ‘« βœˆ


❀︎ Shibari Rope Β· 2 Red 10M Ropes. May leave marks if resisted against. Japanese Rope by Ouch. πŸ‘¨ βœˆ

❀︎ Velvet Cuffs Β· 4 Black & Red Cuffs. Used for bed restraints, hog tying or as handcuffs. Scandal by California Exotics. πŸ‘¨ βœˆ


❀︎ Bondage Tape Black. Not adhesive to skin. Much like cling wrap, but stronger. May leave marks from sweating or resisted against. By Pipedream. πŸ‘¨


❀︎ Bed Restraint Black. Wraparound Mattress Restraint by Fetish Fantasy. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Door Restraint Β· Black. Door Restraint Straps by Sinful. πŸ‘« βœˆ


❀︎ Safety Scissors Black. Bondage Safety Scissors by Ouch! πŸ‘« βœˆ


Breath Play

❀︎ My hands or other body parts only. I will not use items like plastic bags as these can be easily swallowed and choked on. πŸ‘¨ βœˆ


CBT: Cock & Ball Torture

❀︎ Adjustable Cock Ring Β· Black. Speed Shift by Perfect Fit Brand. πŸ‘¨ βœˆ

β™‘ 17 different sizes

❀︎ Cock Rings Β· Stretchy: Black Silicone. Play Zone Kit by Perfect Fit Brand. πŸ‘¨ βœˆ

β™‘ 9 sizes 1.1" - 1.9" diameter

❀︎ Cock Rings Β· Stretchy: Black Silicone πŸ‘¨

β™‘ Small 0.9" diameter

β™‘ Medium 1.1" diameter

β™‘ Large 1.25" diameter


Electricity Play

❀︎ Buzzer An introductory electricity play toy with low to medium settings. By Fetish Fantasy. πŸ‘«

❀︎ Power Tripper An attachment to the Electro Erotic Neon Wand which allows the human body to become the shocking device. increasing the intimacy of electricity play by allowing skin to skin contact. By KInkLab. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Electro Erotic Neon Wand A wondrous device ith low to high settings which feel anywhere from a tickle to a tattoo needle! A non invasive toy for sensational sensation play. By KinkLab. πŸ‘« βœˆ

β™‘ Electric Play is NOT recommended for clients with heart conditions or pacemakers. While these apparatus will not cause any medical issue, I'd rather not risk it by startling you!*


Foot Fetish


❀︎ Black Patent 4" High Heels πŸ’‹ βœˆ

❀︎ Red Patent 3" High Heels πŸ’‹

❀︎ Black Leather 4" Boots πŸ’‹

Nail Polish

❀︎ Gel Nail Polish Β· Black or Red. By Revlon. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Almost any other shade πŸ‘«



❀︎ Ball Gag Β· Black Silicone Gag. Leather and Suede Strap. The Hush Gag by Master Series. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ O-Ring Β· Black Silicone covered Steal. Extreme Silicone O-Ring by Pipedream. πŸ‘¨ βœˆ

❀︎ Penis Gag Β· 1.3" girth 5" length. Ivory, Latex. Original Accommodator 5" Strap-on Dong by California Exotic. πŸ’‹ βœˆ

❀︎ Penis Gag Β· 1" girth 4.5" length. Black, Silicone. By Ultimate Bondage. πŸ’‹


Impact Play

❀︎ My Body Β· Hands, arms, legs & feet πŸ‘¨ βœˆ

Single Tails

❀︎ Riding Crop Β· Black Leather by Love in Leather. Incalls only. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Round Flexi Paddle Β· Black Leather. By S(A)X Leather. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Round Paddle Studded Β· Black Leather. By S(A)X Leather. πŸ‘¨ βœˆ

❀︎ Pelt Paddle Β· Black Silicone. By Tantus. πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Plunge Paddle Β· Black Silicone. By Tantus. πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Wham Bam Paddle Β· Black Silicone. By Tantus. πŸ‘¨


❀︎ 5 Tailed Black Silk Shibari Rope Long Flogger Β· By Pipedream. πŸ‘«

❀︎ 12 Tailed Black Leather Long Flogger Β· By Love in Leather. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ 35 Tailed Black Suede Short Flogger Β· By Love in Leather. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ 40 Tailed Black Leather Short Flogger Β· By Love in Leather. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ 50 Tailed Black Silicone Short Flogger Β· By Pipedream. πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Horse Hair Flogger Β· White horse hair, wooden handle. By S(A)X Leather. πŸ‘«


Medical Play

❀︎ Digital Thermometer πŸ‘«

❀︎ Percussion Hammer Stainless Steel Handle, Black Rubber Head πŸ‘«


Nipple Play


❀︎ Nipple Sucker Tubes Β· Black Silicone. By California Exotics. πŸ‘«

❀︎ Nipple Sucker Bulbs Β· Black Silicone. By California Exotics. πŸ‘«


❀︎ Adjustable Nipple Clamps Β· Black Nitrile. By Ouch. πŸ‘«

❀︎ Padded Vices Β· Black Nitrile & Stainless Steel. By California Exotics. πŸ‘«

❀︎ Superior Nipple Clamps Β· Black Nitrile. By California Exotics. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Vibrating Nipple Clamps Β· Black Nitrile. Adjustable vibration... can be used in all different places! By Fetish Fantasy. πŸ‘« βœˆ


❀︎ Clover Nipple Clamps Β· Black. These are heavy duty. For teasing or intense nipple play! By Master Series. πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Twistable Nipple Suckers Β· Black & Clear. By Black Max. πŸ‘¨


Pain Play

❀︎ See Electricity Play, Impact Play, Nipple Play, Sensation Play, Temperature Play, Toys on You.


Sensation Play

❀︎ Ostrich Feather Duster πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Wartenberg Wheels Β· 2 x 1 Blunt, 1 Sharp. These devices give the sensation of a needle prick, but without the marks. They can be used lightly or heavily. πŸ‘« βœˆ


Sensory Deprivation Play

❀︎ Blindfold Β· Black and Red Satin. Scandal by California Exotics. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Cling Wrap Β· For Mummification. Please request. πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Ear Plugs πŸ‘« βœˆ

❀︎ Nose Plugs πŸ‘¨ βœˆ

❀︎ Submission Mask Β· Red microfiber hood with mouth hole. By Ouch. πŸ‘¨

❀︎ Submission Mask Β· Black microfiber hood without holes. By Ouch. πŸ‘¨


Sissification /Feminization

❀︎ Clothing Β· Lingerie, Stockings & a Dress in my Size. See ABOUT ME. I'm happy to loan my clothing to my Sissification Clients, but if you would prefer your own or need a specific size/style/colour etc. please BYO. πŸ‘¨ βœˆ

❀︎ Make Up Β· It is for my fair complexion so if you need specifics types please BYO. πŸ‘¨ βœˆ

❀︎ Bring Your Own · Feel free to bring your own items for anything you'd like to use on you during the session. All the things a darling girl needs to feel pretty and desirable, including your ideal hair (e.g. a wig) and heels!


Temperature Play

❀︎ Ice Cubes Β· May make skin red, but will leave no other marks. Please request. πŸ‘«βœˆ

❀︎ Soya Candle Wax Β· May make skin red, but will leave no other marks. Please request. πŸ‘«βœˆ


Toys On Me

❀︎ G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator Β· Purple. External remote control. By Wi-Vibe 4. πŸ’‹

❀︎ Dildo & G-Spot Vibrator Β· Purple. Tiger By Fun Factory. πŸ’‹ βœˆ

❀︎ Clitoral Vibrator Β· Pink. Palm Power Massager by BMS Factory. πŸ’‹

β™‘ Bliss Accessory Β· Pink. By BMS Factory. πŸ’‹

β™‘ Embrace Accessory Β· Pink. By BMS Factory. πŸ’‹

❀︎ Clitoral Vibrator Β· Purple. Large Smart Wand by Lelo. πŸ’‹ βœˆ


Toys On You

❀︎ Penis Head Pump Β· Clear Silicone. By Pipedream. πŸ‘¨


Urethral Sounds

❀︎ Power Exchange Vibrating Sound Β· Medium. Stainless Steel. By Master Series. πŸ‘«

❀︎ Rosebud Sound Set Β· Sizes: 4mm to 11mm Wide. Stainless Steal. πŸ‘¨

What about toys you don't have?

❀︎ BYO:

β™‘ You can bring toys for use on you.

β™‘ You can bring NEW and package toys for use on me.

β™‘ You cannot bring any used or opened toys for use on me. This is for safety and sanitary reasons.

❀︎ I Purchase Β· If you cannot BYO or purchase a desired toy/s I do not have for a booking, please request that I purchase anything specific you desire. A deposit will be required of the toy/s price + my time/postage/travel in purchasing it.

❀︎ Please check with me before bringing/buying any toys to/for a session as I may not be trained or familiar with it/them, or may not wish to use it/them.

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn πŸ’‹