Rates - Phone & Video Calls


πŸ’΅ Rates are based on the Australian Dollar (AUD)

🎁 Delivery Code payment gateway only accepts payment in USD / GBP / EUR

πŸ’± Currency Order β™₯️ AUD / USD / GBP / EUR


Phone Calls

5 min β™₯️ $15 / $12 / Β£9 / β‚¬10

10 min β™₯️ $25 / $20 / Β£15 / β‚¬17

15 min β™₯️ $30 / $24 / Β£18 / β‚¬20

30 min β™₯️ $50 / $40 / Β£29 / β‚¬33

45 min β™₯️ $65 / $53 / Β£38 / β‚¬42

60 min β™₯️ $80 / $65 / Β£46 / β‚¬52

Additional Hours β™₯️ 60 min rate per hour or part thereof


Video Call

15 min β™₯️ $45 / $36 / Β£26 / β‚¬29

30 min β™₯️ $75 / $95 / Β£43 / β‚¬48

45 min β™₯️ $100 / $81 / Β£57 / β‚¬65

60 min β™₯️ $120 / $97 / Β£68 / β‚¬78

Additional Hours β™₯️ 60 min rate per hour or part thereof


Water Sports

Golden Showers β™₯️ + $30 / $24 / Β£17 / β‚¬19

Toys & Outfits

I have a wide range of TOYS & OUTFITS available. The use of these are included in the booking rate. Be mindful to request them before your session so they are ready for you! Anything not in my arsenal can be purchased prior to your session, but requires a deposit. Most additional toys or outfits cost between $40-$150 AUD.



Payment Info

β™₯ Payment can only be made via Delivery Code.

β™₯ Delivery Code is a private, third party, payment system which utilises STRIPE to process payments. Both companies are unrelated to the Adult Industry and nothing incriminating will appear on your card statement. They accept Credit Cards or Debit Cards with a credit option, from MasterCard, Visa & American Express. Delivery Code payments require a 20% administration fee, this is included in the Phone & Video Call rates above.

β™₯ Ensure you arrange a booking with me BEFORE making a payment. Payment is not a way to secure a booking unless you have arranged a booking with me first.


Payment of Rates

β™₯ Payment of Phone & Video Calls are made in advance of the booking.

β™₯ Visit My Delivery Code Page

β™₯ Under the select "Send a Cash Gift", fill in the following details:

Amount β™₯ Delivery Code only accepts USD/GPD/EUR. Don't worry if your bank don't offer these currencies, your bank will make the calculations. I prefer to deal in USD as it keeps things uniform.

Other Details β™₯ These are required to verify your payment and are viewable only by Delivery Code; I do not have access to them. Rest assured your privacy is maintained.

Your Message β™₯ Please include your name and/or the last 3 digits of your mobile number and/or your Skype ID so your payment is identifiable.

β™₯ Delivery Code is an automated system, so I will be notified once you have made a deposit and I will then confirm our booking!

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn πŸ’‹